The Idiot’s Guide To Everyday Life

My new journal…. and the evil that is Spongebob
14.Feb.06, 18:29 pm
Filed under: Rants, Tidbits About My Life

I ran out of pages in my composition book today, and went to $tree to get a new one. My luck…. the only one I could find had a picture of the evil-that-is-named SPONGEBOB.

Why do ppl find this abhorrent little sea bastard so amusing? I swear, your IQ has to drop 5 points just for knowing all the words to the theme song. A sponge that lives in a fucking pineapple????? How sanitary. How nasty would a pineapple have to be to sink all the way to the bottom of the ocean? And to be there long enough for a sponge to start growing in it? A sponge in tighty-whities no less? I'll pass.

My son, on the other hand, loves this show. We have yet to allow the movie to be played in our home. I think I would rather chew off my own leg than sit through it with him. Not that I don't value my son's choice of entertainment, there are just many more enriching things he could be watching– like watching paint dry.

Ok, I'm finished with my daily rant.


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