The Idiot’s Guide To Everyday Life

17.Mar.06, 13:19 pm
Filed under: Tidbits About My Life

I just got out of the hospital today. I have not been able to breathe properly in 5 days. I finally broke down and went to the ER. After 2 breathing treatments and a chest x-ray, they decided to admit me with walking pneumonia. This is no fun. I have severe asthma, and everytime I get a head or chest cold, it all goes immediately to my lungs. My allergies don't help, because they trigger these episodes sometimes. The weather flip-flopping back and forth lately has also not been helpful.

At least I was close to home. They built this great new hospital just down Telephone Road from my house. It's a smaller hospital, and it hasn't gotten crowded yet, like most of the OKC metro hospitals. The nursing staff was so nice, and the RT specialist they sent to work with me really helped. Aside from not being able to breathe, I actually enjoyed my stay there. They even had internet access!!! Hehe.