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My New Job…. I LOVE IT!!!
30.Apr.06, 00:29 am
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I just started working from home as a medical transcriptionist and I absolutely love it!!!!

I get to stay home with my kids, which is a plus, because I don't have to take them to daycare, or waste gas driving across town to an office. I can sit here in my pj's if I want and type away all day and I get PAID to do it!!! This is really a cool job.

Dale is now working an evening shift at work until the mid-to-end of July, but it's working out ok for us. We get to sleep in a little after we switch off taking Jaden to school, then he is here with Josie to keep her company while I work during the day. After he goes to work at 2, Josie is usually taking a nap until I need to go get Jaden, then they play together and watch cartoons for an hour or so after he gets home. I can spend a few hours with the kids, then have them in bed by 8:30 or 9ish and then work for a couple of hours more until Dale gets home and still spend some time with him. It works out pretty nice.

I had some bad news this week. I was in a lot of pain on Wednesday and started throwing up, but couldn't figure out why. By the time Dale got home from work I was doubled over in pain and couldn't keep anything down. I went to the ER, and they gave me meds for the pain and nausea, and had me come back in in the morning for a gallbladder ultrasound. Come to find out, I've got 3 huge gall stones and need to have my GB removed ASAP. I have no insurance right now, so I am having to wait to get that done until I can either get back on medicaid or on Dale's insurance. Hopefully it'll all work out soon. I'm in serious pain, and just want this to be over with. Luckily, the surgery will be done laproscopically, on an outpatient basis, and I'll only be in the hospital for about four hours, so I won't have to worry too much about who will be here with the kids.

Wish me luck guys!!


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