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My New Toys!
15.May.06, 19:11 pm
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OK, I know it's not PC for a woman to be excited about a new washer and dryer, but damnit, mine are cool!

My old washer was about to die- one of the springs that holds the basin in place was shot, so it was shaking the entire house when it was on. It kept getting worse and worse until it finally snapped, and the basin wouldn't even sit level in there anymore.

I decided to replace it, and while I was at it, I replaced the dryer so I'd have a matching pair.

I love the new set!!! It's a Maytag Neptune frontloader pair, not the kind with the round glass door, but still a front-loader. It's all digital push-button. I actually have a hand-wash cycle!!!!! I can wash delicates without using the bathroom sink!!!! These hold so much more than my old set did. I can catch up on my laundry in half the time.

I really love my new toys.


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I love the neptunes! We have stackables that are blue front loaders… I wonder if they’re neptunes? I can’t wait to use them! LOL

Comment by Sara

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