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Josie vs. Wolverine
28.May.06, 19:25 pm
Filed under: My Munchkins, Our Little Nest

I had a great afternoon planned. Dale's dad and step-mom were coming over for lunch. We were grilling fajita steak on the smoker outside, and then we were going to take the kids to see X-Men 3. Sounded like a good time.

We had a great lunch. We visited while Dale bbq'ed and Jim got the lawn mower to start (YAY for clean spark plugs and short grass!) I got to catch up with Jackie on family news. Then we all headed off to the theater for X3.

We wait in line for popcorn, drinks, and the required sugary grubbage. $25 later, we're heading up to our seats in the far corner of the auditorium. We watched the previews, then the movie begins, we're doing great, the kids are enthralled. All of a sudden, Josie patted my arm and whispered, "Mommy, I'm gonna throw up!" OH CRAP!

I grabbed the nearly empty popcorn bucket and held it in front of her, but she thought I was trying to get her to eat some, so she pushed it away and threw up all down the front of her dress. I think she was more upset about her pretty new dress being dirty than about being sick. I grabbed her up and we walked out to the lobby, got some papertowels from the concession, and cleaned her up. A manager spotted us there and was so helpful. He got us more papertowels, helped me get her cleaned up, and even gave me a free readmission ticket to come back and see the movie whenever I wanted. I left Jaden, Dale, and his folks in the movie and brought little princess home to get her changed and in bed. The poor little thing. I felt so bad for her.

It was then that I realized– it was probably my own fault. When I was making everyone's fajitas, I was putting sour cream on them. I think I put some on hers by mistake. Only a small drop- since I only put a small drop on Jaden's too- but she's allergic to creamy milk products!!! She can't eat ice cream, pudding, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, anything like that. She's christened IHOP and Outback after incidents with a glass of chocolate milk and a hot fudge sundae. (The sundae came on the night Dale proposed to me!! What a lovely end to a romantic evening!)

My poor little sweetheart is laying in her bed, sound asleep, taking her nap. I hope she feels better now.


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