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Trivial Sh!t
29.May.06, 11:37 am
Filed under: Our Little Nest, Rants

Ok, I know I’m in a bad mood today. I accept responsibility for that. But why do men have to criminalize EVERYTHING????

We slept in a little, we were up with the kids until 11:30 last night watching a movie and polishing off the last few slices of their birthday cake as a before-bedtime snack. They love night-time snacks.

When we got up, I asked Dale to run to Aldi to get a loaf of bread, some lunchmeat, and cheese for sandwiches, because I was hungry. He said, “ok, no problem.” So I got up, got dressed, and came in here to start my normal morning routine– get up, turn on brain, turn on monitor.

He proceeds to take about 20 min to get dressed and come in here to tell me that he has broken the laminate piece off of the front of the vanity in the bathroom by putting his foot in the sink to rinse it off when he found out the hard way that Paisley has had an accident in the hallway. (Dumbass, use the tub.)

Then he tells me we have about $50 more than he’d told me yesterday, he had miscounted. (Maybe Josie should help him count, she’s pretty good at it, can make it all the way to 12 on her own.) So I said, ‘do you wanna just go grab something quick for lunch?’ since he’s got an hour to eat and get ready for work. He said he would grab something cheap. I told him Sonic- if we didn’t get combos- or Subway- again, without chips or drinks- would be good. He said, “I could get Jr whoppers at BK for 99 cents.” I honestly am burgered out. I’d rather have chicken strips from Sonic or a tuna sandwich from subway. So he decided he’d rather just go to Aldi and get bread, meat and cheese. Fine.

Then, he proceeds to get all pissy and tell me, “Well, I’m sorry I’m not going to get you your subway or sonic.” I said, “FINE. Then why are you even FUCKING talking to me if you’re just going to do what you want to anyway?????”

I swear. It’s lunch, it’s not that big a deal. It’s not like he’s deciding whether or not to donate a major organ. It’s LUNCH. SANDWICHES FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

Why do ppl have to mess with me when I’m in a bad mood? You’d think he would know better by now.


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