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Having People You Can Count On
13.Jun.06, 18:00 pm
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I pride myself on being a strong, independent person most of the time. I am in a commited relationship, but I don't depend on Dale to make me who I am. The only problem is, it's nice to have family you can count on when you really need someone.

We bought a car in November from a little used car dealer here in Moore. Big mistake. We traded our minivan, which was paid off but having serious mechanical problems, for a 2000 Ford Focus. I thought this was a good trade. We were paying almost $400/mo, but we were told that after 6 months they'd work with us to re-write our loan and lower the pymts. It's been 6 months, and it's not happening. We're starting to have problems with this car now too, and they have YET to get us a title so we can even tag the thing, so it's illegal as hell right now.

We've gone to just about every dealership in OKC/Norman/MWC in the last week and every one of them said that with that car still on our credit, they can't approve a second car loan right now with our combined incomes because of me working from home and not being able to prove my income very well, and because of his bankruptcy. They all said we need a cosigner. We called all of our parents- both sides, both sets. Not a single one will co-sign for us. My mother GAVE my step-sister her minivan when she got her new trailblazer, but I'm not my stepsisters. Chris even let the tag and insurance lapse on the minivan while it's still in my mom's name so now they're fining my mom for it, and because of that she won't cosign for me. (I'M NOT CHRISTIE!!!) Dale's mom and step-dad have 2 new car pymts right now, so they can't, and his dad won't co-sign because his wife will only co-sign for her son. My dad is disabled, and just applied for section 8 housing assistance, so he can't cosign or he'll lose his section 8.

Basically, we're fucked. I am turning the Focus back in to the dealership and telling them to take their mess and shove it up their asses, because I refuse to pay $400/mo for a car I'm already having problems with. I'm sick of their shit. But we now only have the little pickup, and we can't drive around in just that with both kids, so we're screwed!!

I don't know what in the hell to do. When I see friends who have parents who are there for them when they need them, I am so jealous. My mom has never been there like that for me, and my dad….. well…. he's there for himself most of the time, and that's about all you can expect from him. I don't have anyone else in my family I can go to because they all look down their noses at me, thanks to my mother and her lovely lies when I was a teenager. I don't know what else to do. I'm so frustrated right now I'm about to explode. What in the hell do I do now????


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