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Car issues resolved….. sort of.
20.Jun.06, 20:57 pm
Filed under: Tidbits About My Life

Ok, my car issues may be resolved. I have already put about $3k into the Ford Focus, and would have lost my trade if I sent it back, not to mention having it look like a repo on my credit, so I've come to some new terms with the dealer I bought it from.

1. They're going to get me a new copy of the title. 2. For the next 3 months, they're going to let me pay $100/mo instead of $400/mo so I can use the rest of the money to pay for the tag. 3. Once I have the tag done, they're going to re-write my loan and lower the pymts for me.

This works for me. I have been paying out the nose on this car and we're already having a few problems with it, but I don't want to lose everything I've put into it- not to mention that I can't get another car loan with it on my credit right now. I've made every pymt, but it's a big drain on my credit to have that much still owed.

With all of those pymts, I haven't been able to afford to tag the car, so it's 6 months out of date. It was either pay for the car, or tag it. So now I can finally get it legal again. Thank Buddah or something.

Now I just need to get a new insurance dealer with cheaper rates!


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