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The Pampered Housewife?
31.Jul.06, 13:59 pm
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Well, life is moving along. We decided to postpone the move so that we can both have jobs completely nailed down before we get there. Dale isn’t even really working on his need for employment there, so it’ll be November before anything happens. If he doesn’t make an effort to do it between now and then, I’ll be┬ámoving on my own. End of story.

It’s such a tossup when it comes to the decision to move with or without him. I love him, don’t get me wrong, but is that enough when I look at all the crap I put up with?? He’s a very selfish person sometimes. I kept the house clean all week, kept up with the dishes and the LR, and even did a lot of laundry. I came home from working at Lupita’s house helping her in her office, and the kitchen was an atrocious mess, dinner was “cooling” on the stove, the kids had not been fed, and didn’t have a clean plate to share so I had to use paper for them, and Dale was playing his video game. The only thing he did in the 7 hrs I was gone was to unload the dishwasher and leave it wide open, I guess so the cat could get in there. Maybe she needed a bath????

He bitches at me for not cleaning the house when he works all day and I’m here alone, can he not help me out when I’m working trying to earn some extra cash on the weekends and he’s here on his ass??? It’s a complete double-standard. But I guess, because I’m a woman, I should be ok with that???? No, I’m not.

On a lighter note……

I’m really getting excited about Pampered Chef again. Sara wants to book 2 shows with me already, and I know her friends will love PC stuff, and I know that if I can apprentice with Tony in Dallas, I can probably earn quite a bit doing catalog sales and getting client leads from his customers there. This would also give me the opportunity to go to school and spend time with my kids. Work and school during the week, and kitchen shows on the weekends! I can really make this work!!

I’m excited again!!!!!! YAY LUPITA!!!!!


Moving Stuff
26.Jul.06, 13:43 pm
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Well, Dale turned in his transfer request papers today at work. Hopefully it’ll go through quickly. With the turn-around rate at Convergys in the customer service and tech support jobs, I’m sure they’ll have no problem getting him in with his 2 yrs of seniority.

I got a tiny end-o-month child support check and took Josie to get new sandals. Apparently, she’s going to have the wide flat foot that I am cursed with. She shot up a shoe size recently and none of her shoes fit. Luckily, they’re having a back-to-school sale at payless and I was able to get her a new pair of sandals for $4.99 and they’re really cute.

I’m now in the process of calling around to find more boxes. I need to get to packing or we’ll never get out of her, lol. I want to be GONE in 2 to 3 weeks. YAY for LEAVING OKLAHOMA!!!!

My best friend is having surgery today
25.Jul.06, 13:47 pm
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Sara, I hope you’re doing well today and I pray that everything goes according to plan. May you feel like new in no time!

GAH!!!! The pettiness is overwelming!!!!
25.Jul.06, 13:45 pm
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Allow me to reiterate– A BLOG IS A DIARY, A JOURNAL. What I write in my blog has nothing to do with anyone else’s opinions, and if they feel the need to vent theirs, they can go to or or any other blog site and get their own free blog just like I did.

Linda made the choice to snoop on my blog. Linda made the choice to read my personal feelings. Now she can’t deal with what she dredged up from our fight in May. That was dealt with, it was over and done with until she went snooping. Things were fine, and we hadn’t spoken of it in a long time. Now, it’s all back open. Am I honestly hearing this? They want me to apologize for MY FEELINGS??? No way! I am allowed to feel the way I want. If you want to snoop, deal with the consequences. It had been 2 wks since we cancelled the wedding, 3 wks since Dale mentioned to her that I even had a blog. She chose to take it upon herself to read it. Again- her doing. Just another example of her being nosey.

Now they’re giving Dale an ultimatum to either break up with me or move to Dallas and risk alienating his family. That’s a load of crap. No matter how bad I’ve felt over how his mother treats me, even when she’s flat out STALKED me at the house when she didn’t know what I was doing or what not, I never put Dale in this situation. I never asked him to choose between his family and me. That’s not right. He’s now in the position of stay with the woman he loves or stay here with the people who raised him. How messed up is that???

Give me a break!!! GAH Everyone else complains about Linda behind her back. I wrote that after telling her exactly how I felt on the phone. But I’m the one who is getting dumped on for my opinion of her BS. She goes off the deep end constantly, and yet now they’re coming down on me for feeling the way I do. Even my friends have witnessed her coming over here stalking me when I wasn’t even home, so I know it’s not just me. She really needs to back off, and Dale has asked her to also, but she doesn’t. I don’t go to her house and ask her how her marriage is doing. She’s volunteered information about when she and her husband separated years ago and almost divorced, she told me he had a GF while they were apart and that she confronted her and threatened to kick her ass. Fine, I didn’t ask her for that info. I don’t appreciate her poking her nose into our relationship and our feelings toward one another. My blog is my personal space. Stay out of it, or deal with what you read on your own!!!!!!! Good grief, people. You’re not perfect. Nobody is. Just leave us alone!!!!!

Funny how things change
24.Jul.06, 13:44 pm
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Last night Dale and I were curled up in bed snuggling and talking, and the cat was going nuts in the hallway, running into things. He looked over and said, “That cat is on crack.” I joked with him and said, “But Honey, I told you not to leave your stash out where she could get into it. Maybe you should take it over there and share some of it with your mother.” He said, “That might be a good idea, maybe it would mellow her out a little bit. I’ll have to try that.”


I love Dale. We have our moments where we want to strangle each other, and we’ve fought a lot lately, but we always come back to each other and make up for things, because when it comes down to it, we love each other, and always will. He’s finally gotten to the breaking point with his psycho mother. He’s seen her for who she really is- neurotic, controlling, and in serious need of hormones, or drugs or something.

She’s pushed away her stepsons, and now, her own son has come to that point too. He told me last night the blog thing was probably his fault because he’d mentioned it to her about 3 weeks ago when I had just gotten back from Dallas and we’d really been fighting a lot. It took her 3 weeks to get online and read it? And she never looked at our wedding site when we were still planning it, what in the hell would make her need to check it out NOW, 2 weeks after we cancelled it?? Nothing but nosiness. Gotta love people with nothing better to do.

This morning I asked him if he wanted to talk to her about her BS and he said, “No, let’s just let her stew for a while. I don’t want to talk to her.” Funny. Her crap didn’t tear us apart, it made us stronger, because it showed him what he would be staying here for.

When you are on the outside looking in, you see things way more clearly. It took him being out of her house for almost 3 years to see her for what she is. I’m glad he has stopped taking her crap. Maybe now we can move on with life together.

For everyone whom Linda called…
23.Jul.06, 13:44 pm
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Anyone who wants to read my blog, I don’t care. I just don’t have the patience for people who want to be petty about my personal feelings. A BLOG IS A DIARY, A JOURNAL. What I write in my blog has nothing to do with anyone else’s opinions, and if they feel the need to vent theirs, they can go to or or any other blog site and get their own free blog just like I did. Welcome to reality, it’s time to join rank.

For those who did read the posts there, there is nothing I said in the posts in my blog that I would not or have not said out loud in person. Everything in the post about Linda being “Too Much” was what had been said in the conversation on the phone about 5 minutes before it was posted. Everyone who knows me knows what I think of her, including her, so it’s not a big shock.

Linda, if you don’t have anything better to do with your time than to read my blog and call a family gathering to discuss the entries, please, get a hobby.

Another Day Goes By
22.Jul.06, 13:42 pm
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The kids are with their Dad for the weekend. This is the first time in well over a month that he’s taken them. I really wish I could just get him to spend time with them more.

Since we were going to be by ourselves for the weekend, Dale called his Dad and step-mom to see if they wanted to go out to lunch and maybe hang out for the afternoon. We went to Harry Bears and had a good lunch and then he’d made a haircut appt for this afternoon so we just came back to the house and he got ready to go, so his parents went home.

I like having a relaxing afternoon alone every once in a while. It’s nice, peaceful. I think I’m going to go take a nap with the cat.