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He Blew it.
10.Jul.06, 15:08 pm
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He blew it.

The only guy who I’ve ever been with who has never given me a reason not to trust him in 3 years has finally fucked it all up.

He went to Wynnewood this weekend to visit an ‘old friend’ named Vickie. Apparently, this skank is someone he hooked up with years ago, who weighs about a metric ton, and has several kids of her own, and is already pregnant by another guy. I was skeptical about this trip from the beginning, but he swore up and down to me that nothing would happen.

Let me back up here and explain that Dale and I have an open relationship. The two stipulations in an open relationship that make it work are honesty and communication. Without those, it’s not an open relationship, it’s just cheating. And what, in blue hell, would give any man with 2 brain cells the idea that having an open relationship would mean you can go fuck a skank you’d been with before you got together with your GF????? If a situation presents itself, and you want to go have fun with someone outside of the relationship, it’s supposed to be just physical fun, not something where there’s already been a connection there. It’s not supposed to jeopradize the relationship, but give you the freedom to go be yourself and have fun where you want. But for that to work, your relationship has to be solid enough to withstand it.

That being said…. Dale called to tell me on the way home that he had a hickey on his neck from a girl who attacked him during a hug at a party last night. Do I believe him? Yeah……. not so much. I can get over a hickey. No problem. But then this morning I am weighlayed with the revelation that he fucked the skank he’d hooked up with before.

He always told me that the only reason he’d been with this girl was because he was drunk and desperate and she was nasty, so he would never have been with her in the light of day if he had been anywhere near sober.

Apparently now, she’s lost some weight and he was desperate enough to do it again. WTF????? Even in an open relationship you don’t stoop that low. You don’t fuck some skank you’ve already been with. That’s stupid!!

I guess he’s moving on and replacing me before I’m even out the door.

Thanks, Dale, for making me feel even better about myself.


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