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I Hate Convergys
17.Jul.06, 13:38 pm
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Dale has been working at Convergys for over 2 years, and we found out today, when we really needed to take a withdrawl, that he has NO money in his 401K account, it’s all in his company-sponsered pension plan which he has to be with the company 5 years and then quit to get!!! Basically, if he quit tomorrow, he’d lose over $1000, money we REALLY need right now, especially with our upcoming move. I’m really pissed. What’s the point in sending out a letter to us telling how much he is “vested” with the company when he can’t touch it and it’s completely worthless to us for another 3 years???? He wants to quit, but we have to wait until I’ve gotten setup with my new job and have a paycheck in before he can. I’m seriously pissed off.


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I’ll back you on your hate for Convergys. I’ve worked there now for a little over a month, and I’ve never seen such unprofessional behavior by everyone involved. Supervisors who openly talk about sex or display unreasonable and personal anger at the littlest thing. Employees talking back to supervisors, cussing customers out, singing and chatting up a frenzy in the employee work-based chat system. I’ve seen customers hung up on, people putting customers on hold while they smoke a cigarette. The list just goes on. I’ve had over five years experiencing in retail during my college years and five years experience in my area of study before the recession landed me in the unemployment lines. While I’m still grateful for the paycheck, there isn’t a single day that I don’t leave that little brick building feeling disgusted. If there was an “alternative school” for corporations and their employees…Convergys would be it. I’m sure there are some good employees here and there but the majority of them are absolute scum. The corporation itself is scum. And I sincerely hope that your husband can find other employment soon. Look into the employment package that you mentioned. Make sure and read the fine print. Because I don’t think it would be legal for them to retain the money he put in…maybe they could withhold their matching sum…but to have his money be contingent on continued employment sounds like a load of crap. You might pay a fee or have to wait X amount of time, but they can’t just take that money as consequence of his quitting.

Comment by Ann

I did get my pension after I quit, I worked there for close to 6 years and now they are denying my unemployment. I had to quit, it got to the point that I dreaded going to work everyday! I hate convergys too!

Comment by Elaine McPherson

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