The Idiot’s Guide To Everyday Life

20.Jul.06, 13:39 pm
Filed under: Rants

Ok, I’d made up my mind that even though he cheated on me, I was going to be willing to work things out with Dale. He was doing so well, learning to grovel and actually being a decent guy trying to improve the situation.

Not anymore.

As of the last 3 days… he’s back to being the selfish asshole he’s been for the past year. I know he’s not been feeling well…. but shit. He’s pushed the envelope to the limit.Yesterday, I was cleaning the Living Room, I even made the kids help. Dale sat on his lazy ass and directed traffic, yelled at the kids while we were trying to clean. He picked up a few pieces of trash, that’s it. And had to use my inhalor after that. WTF????

I cleaned the LR, cleaned the hallway between the LR and office, shampooed the carpets, and cleaned out the “misc shit chair”. I did 2 loads of laundry. HE DID NOTHING. And yet he complains that I never do anything. I finally got him to do a load of dishes (in the dishwasher) which took 4 breaks and several puffs off of my inhalor to complete. HELLO????When we were fighting about him cheating on me he told me that all of his friends who have met me, and all of his family who have met me don’t know why he “puts up with me, because I don’t do anything”. He doesn’t understand why he should have to work all day and still come home and help me out around the house and help cook sometimes. He just thinks that he should come home to an immaculate house and not have to lift a finger. And yet, all of his friends who say this are white trash!!! Most of my friends who have met him are cultured and educated, all of them are intelligent, and have good jobs and goals in life that they are working to achieve. None of them can stand HIM!!! They all think he’s nothing but a selfish asshole who I should never have put up with in the first place. Whose opinion do you think I value????


I was so ready to forgive him and work shit out. He can go fuck himself. I’m moving without him. I think the kids and I are better off. I know Jaden would be better off down there with the really good public school in the area I’ll be in. They even have a behavioral specialist on staff that works with the parents, teachers, and students to help curb behavior problems. They also have afterschool care instead of daycare for him, that would help him even more!! I’m so excited!!


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