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GAH!!!! The pettiness is overwelming!!!!
25.Jul.06, 13:45 pm
Filed under: Rants, Tidbits About My Life

Allow me to reiterate– A BLOG IS A DIARY, A JOURNAL. What I write in my blog has nothing to do with anyone else’s opinions, and if they feel the need to vent theirs, they can go to or or any other blog site and get their own free blog just like I did.

Linda made the choice to snoop on my blog. Linda made the choice to read my personal feelings. Now she can’t deal with what she dredged up from our fight in May. That was dealt with, it was over and done with until she went snooping. Things were fine, and we hadn’t spoken of it in a long time. Now, it’s all back open. Am I honestly hearing this? They want me to apologize for MY FEELINGS??? No way! I am allowed to feel the way I want. If you want to snoop, deal with the consequences. It had been 2 wks since we cancelled the wedding, 3 wks since Dale mentioned to her that I even had a blog. She chose to take it upon herself to read it. Again- her doing. Just another example of her being nosey.

Now they’re giving Dale an ultimatum to either break up with me or move to Dallas and risk alienating his family. That’s a load of crap. No matter how bad I’ve felt over how his mother treats me, even when she’s flat out STALKED me at the house when she didn’t know what I was doing or what not, I never put Dale in this situation. I never asked him to choose between his family and me. That’s not right. He’s now in the position of stay with the woman he loves or stay here with the people who raised him. How messed up is that???

Give me a break!!! GAH Everyone else complains about Linda behind her back. I wrote that after telling her exactly how I felt on the phone. But I’m the one who is getting dumped on for my opinion of her BS. She goes off the deep end constantly, and yet now they’re coming down on me for feeling the way I do. Even my friends have witnessed her coming over here stalking me when I wasn’t even home, so I know it’s not just me. She really needs to back off, and Dale has asked her to also, but she doesn’t. I don’t go to her house and ask her how her marriage is doing. She’s volunteered information about when she and her husband separated years ago and almost divorced, she told me he had a GF while they were apart and that she confronted her and threatened to kick her ass. Fine, I didn’t ask her for that info. I don’t appreciate her poking her nose into our relationship and our feelings toward one another. My blog is my personal space. Stay out of it, or deal with what you read on your own!!!!!!! Good grief, people. You’re not perfect. Nobody is. Just leave us alone!!!!!


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