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The Pampered Housewife?
31.Jul.06, 13:59 pm
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Well, life is moving along. We decided to postpone the move so that we can both have jobs completely nailed down before we get there. Dale isn’t even really working on his need for employment there, so it’ll be November before anything happens. If he doesn’t make an effort to do it between now and then, I’ll be moving on my own. End of story.

It’s such a tossup when it comes to the decision to move with or without him. I love him, don’t get me wrong, but is that enough when I look at all the crap I put up with?? He’s a very selfish person sometimes. I kept the house clean all week, kept up with the dishes and the LR, and even did a lot of laundry. I came home from working at Lupita’s house helping her in her office, and the kitchen was an atrocious mess, dinner was “cooling” on the stove, the kids had not been fed, and didn’t have a clean plate to share so I had to use paper for them, and Dale was playing his video game. The only thing he did in the 7 hrs I was gone was to unload the dishwasher and leave it wide open, I guess so the cat could get in there. Maybe she needed a bath????

He bitches at me for not cleaning the house when he works all day and I’m here alone, can he not help me out when I’m working trying to earn some extra cash on the weekends and he’s here on his ass??? It’s a complete double-standard. But I guess, because I’m a woman, I should be ok with that???? No, I’m not.

On a lighter note……

I’m really getting excited about Pampered Chef again. Sara wants to book 2 shows with me already, and I know her friends will love PC stuff, and I know that if I can apprentice with Tony in Dallas, I can probably earn quite a bit doing catalog sales and getting client leads from his customers there. This would also give me the opportunity to go to school and spend time with my kids. Work and school during the week, and kitchen shows on the weekends! I can really make this work!!

I’m excited again!!!!!! YAY LUPITA!!!!!


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