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Thursday in my life
4.Aug.06, 04:08 am
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Ok, my friend Lupita is catering the wedding reception of our mutual friend Lauren, who has eloped with her FI to Jamaica and will be returning sometime tomorrow or Saturday morning. Lupita has had the clubhouse in her neighborhood booked for months now, and yesterday found out that the fucktard in charge of bookings for the clubhouse scheduled her for Sunday, not Saturday.

Now, Lauren’s FI is from Chicago, and they’ve got a very tight schedule (some would say impossible, when you figure in jet lag) and will be flying out on Sunday for Chicago so they can not only have a second reception there (all done by Lauren) but also so she can move there, with her two-year-old daughter and get settled in with her FI. She’s completely out of contact right now, so we have no way to tell her what’s transpired here with the village idiot who is running the event center for said village.

So basically, Lupita and I have been calling places all day that have cheap or free space to host this reception for 70 people in 2 days. People must think we’re nuts, but alas, it’s not us who is nuts. I feel so bad for Lauren, not a single invited guest showed up for her bridal shower or bachelorette party. NADA. Zilch, ZERO. Not a single friend or family member. I wasn’t invited, as I only know her from, so we’re not close, but I feel sooooo bad for her. This also makes me wonder, are we going to go to all of the trouble to find a location, and prepare food for 70 people, and then 3 show up? If any? Lauren never even finalized the menu with Lupita, so we’re making Jerk Chicken Meatballs, but have no idea what else she wants with them. It’s a mess.

Note to future brides-to-be: Planning is key when you’re not going to be around to finalize details. Make sure that all vendors have things laid out well in advance, with locations and menus confirmed BEFORE you leave the country for 2 wks to elope incommunicado!!!!

I hope we can salvage this reception fiasco. It’s going to be rough-sailing, but I know Lupita is the world’s most amazing cook, and if anyone can pull it off, it’s her. We just have to pull together and find a location!

On a better note–

I now have 3 PC kitchen shows in the works (2 booked, and 1 just waiting for the date) and a possible catalog show. One of the hostesses also seems interested in possibly becoming my first recruit, so I’m really excited!!!! I think one of the only good qualities of being a Manic-Depressive is that the manic side of my personality makes me throw myself into something completely, and when I do, I put all of my effort into it. I just pray this works as well as I’m hoping it will. I really need this to work, for me and for my children.


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