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Update on the moving situation
24.Aug.06, 15:45 pm
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I found out this week that I will be starting my new job in 3 wks instead of 2 months! I can get out of OKC a lot faster now, thank you guys.

Life has been shitty here recently. It seems like everything Dale does reminds me of why I’m moving away. He’s very selfish lately, and I’m getting very sick of it. I honestly don’t think he means to do it sometimes, it just comes naturally to him. He was babied for so long by that godforsaken mother of his that he’s just used to being the center of the universe. He’s never broken that habit, and it’s coming out more and more now.

I’ve started packing. I bought a few new tops yesterday on sale at LB and I need to figure out what I can pack into boxes that I don’t plan to wear soon. I also need to start packing up kitchen stuff soon. I’m leaving the dishes for Dale, I really don’t even want them anymore. He’s chipped so many of them it’s pathetic. I’m buying new ones, ceramic this time instead of stoneware or earthenware. Ceramic won’t chip as easily, but the finish can be scratched or scuffed, so I’ll have to keep rubbery shelf paper in between them if I stack them. I ordered half of my dishes today, so I’ll order another set when I get moved, or closer to moving time. That way they’ll ship directly to the house, instead of here.

I’ve got the info I needed for Jaden to start school- he’ll be going to Rainwater Elementary. It’s supposed to be one of the best in the area. They’ve got a behavioral specialist on staff, and I like the fact that he’ll be wearing uniforms. To me, that’s very status-leveling. You won’t see kids wearing high-dollar clothing to school making fun of kids who have hand-me-downs. There’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs, but some kids think they need to be picked on. At least this will neutralize things appearance-wise.

Jaden has been riding his bike to school the past couple of days. He really enjoys it. I am glad I let him start. He gets plenty of exercise, sunshine, and fresh air that way, and hopefully it gets enough energy out of him first thing in the morning to help him behave and focus all day. I feel so bad for him sometimes with the ADHD. It frustrates the hell out of me a lot, but I’m sure it does the same to him. He’s such a good boy, and he just wants love and attention. I love my little goobersmoocher!

My little princess is getting a very spoiled streak. We went to Old Navy yesterday to check out the clearance racks and I found her a dress and a shirt on sale really cheap. Everything in the store she’d point and say, ‘Are those for ME?’. I’d have to explain to her, no, they’re for other people, not everything is for you. But she’s so adorable, everyone in the mall who passed us would stop and say hi to her, and if they had a stroller with them, she had to stop and see the “baby” no matter how big the “baby” was. If they were sleeping, she’d put her finger over her lips and say, “Shhhh. The baby is sleeping, we have to be quiet.” They all loved her. She’s such a doll. What would I do without her. She got to pick out a bag of candy, and with the 50% off sale, her little handful only cost me 20 cents, so I bought a big bag to take home and keep up for later. Hehe

I can’t wait to be in our own house, with lots of


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