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21.Oct.06, 23:14 pm
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I have the kids’ Halloween costumes complete now. Josie is going to be Tinkerbell and Jaden is going to be Superman. Now, while this might seem an easy statement to make, I must tell you it was far from an easy ordeal. I never knew before just how difficult it was to find THE Tinkerbell costume for my 3 yr old. It had to be the perfect one. I spent well over 4 hours online one night last week trying to find the right one, and finally gave up when I could only find 2 online vendors that weren’t sold out and they wanted $50 for the dress Josie would only be wearing for 2-3 hours max. I am NOT paying that much for a costume that will spend more time in the back of the closet than it will on my daughter. Luckily, the next day when I went to the walmart on I-240, they had ONE cute Tink costume and it happened to be in her size, so I snatched it up, and proceeded to find her a tiara, wand, and “Princess Pail” that she demanded had to go with her costume. She also now has pink shimmer tights and “pixie makeup” that Dale will be applying. That’s the nice thing about having an artist as a boyfriend. Fantasy art is his forte, so he can make her into the perfect pixie.

Jaden wanted to be something scary for Halloween this year, but Josie got scared just sitting on my lap while he was looking through the costume shops online, so I said he would have to wait a while before I’d let him wear something scary or he’d scare her too bad. He then decided he wanted to be a Pirate. When I got to the costume store, the only pirate costumes they had looked really gay, so I had to go for his second choice- one of the boys from Narnia, Peter Pevensie. The only knight costume I could find looked just as bad as the pirate, so I just gave up and settled on Superman. He’s happy with that, and it was only $12.97, so I’m considering myself lucky. His costume doesn’t need makeup, tights, a wand, or anything else, so I’m glad that was easy. Boys are so much easier to dress for Halloween.

Only a week and a half to go. I hope I can keep them out of their costumes that long. Every morning when Josie wakes up she asks me if she can put on her costume now. Poor little thing, it breaks her heart when I tell her no, but I know she’ll be the cutest little Tinkerbell on the block. I can’t wait to put them in their costumes and take them around. They’ll get lots of loot!


It’s official, I have NO life.

It’s 11pm on a Saturday night and my options for boredom cures consist of online addiction solitaire courtesy of Yahoo or Pay Per View movie flics (Although, United 93 does seem rather interesting….). Dale went to spend the night at his friend Derek’s. I thought that once you passed the big 30 you were officially too old for sleepovers? I guess if Michael Jackson can get away with it, so can they. They’re prolly drinking and smogging, so I’m rather glad he’s not going to attempt driving home tonight. The kids are asleep in my bed, so I’ll likely be crashing on the couch tonight.

All of my friends have moved away or have lives of their own. Thank God I’m starting work this week so I can meet some more interesting people to talk to. It’s not like I want to sit around talking to Dale all the time. We have nothing to talk about anymore. With him, it’s either 3d art that he keeps making but does nothing with, or video games, neither of which interest me in the slightest. I want someone to talk to that I can actually have an intelligent conversation with. Is that too much to ask?

Oh well, my days generally consist of laundry and household chores and trying to keep the kids from killing each other. I’ll be glad for the break while I’m working, although teaching in public schools, I’ll be surrounded by other kids all day and probably end up wondering why some people are allowed to reproduce.

At the end of the day, when I can look in and see them asleep on my pillows and just watch them, I love my children so much, I wish I didn’t get so stressed out at them so easily sometimes. They can really try my patience, but I love them with all my heart.

MP Survey
12.Oct.06, 09:46 am
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1. What year were you sent to mountain park? Jan 5, 1992 (Had been at New Bethany since Aug 22, 1991 until it shut down, was taken straight to MP.)

2. Did you like it? Hell no, why is this even a question?

3. What did u think about it when you first got there? OH SHIT, not again!

4. Who had you on orientation? The first time- Amie Rhodes, Melissa Kendall the 2nd time, Misty Marsh (the uppity pious bitch)

5. Who was your #1 bff there? Melissa Kendall

6.Were you ever an orientation guide? Once, for 2 wks. I wasn’t Orientation guide “material”

7. Who did you have on orientation? A girl named Victoria something who had tried to run away with Rhonda Canfield

8. Were you ever considered to be in a cool group? Are you kidding? I was never cool enough, lmao. By the time “cool groups” were being busted for the first time, I had been there so long I was part of the furniture. You remember the spot on the wall as you walked out of the dining hall and into the dorm hallway??? That was me.

9. Who is the person you most wish you could find on myspace? Melissa Kendall

10. Who was your favorite staff member? Mrs. Bosje

11. Who was your worst staff member? Debby Gerhardt

12. Do you have any good memorys of mp? Lambert’s

13. How long were you at mp? 2 yrs and 7 months

14.What was the main reason for getting sent to mp? My step-thing abused me from ages 9 to 14 and when I finally stood up for myself and tried to get help through DHS he conned my mom into believing his bullshit and they sent me away. They told my friends that I was on drugs or pregnant or would have been pregnant if I hadn’t been sent away. I was 14!!! I had never been in trouble!!! To this day the rest of my family looks down their noses at me and believes the lies my mother told them. And my step-thing? I think he honestly fell for his own bullshit, because he still looks at me like I’m less-than-human.

15. What was the thing you hated the most?  The hopeless/helpless feeling I had when I just wanted to get out of there and be “normal” again but knew there was nobody to help me. It took everything away from me. Between NB and MP I lost 3 years of my life that I will never get back, and will be emotionally scarred and on anti-depressants for the rest of my life.

If you have any more questions you would like people to answer post them at the end…and just keep it going

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Catching Up With Old Friends
3.Oct.06, 18:31 pm
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When I think back on all of the stupid stuff I did as a teenager, in college at USAO, I have some bad memories. But beyond all of that, I had some really great friends who have always meant a lot to me, and I’ve always regretted losing touch with them.

In the past week I’ve gotten in touch with one of those friends, who was also one of the ones who got dumped on a lot by those around us. He was always a great friend though, and loyal to the core. We’ve both been through some really rough times over the past 10 years, and I am really glad we’ve been able to chat this weekend.

Thanks, Bill, for being such a great friend, if I didn’t say it so long ago. I’m so glad to see you are happy, and your wife really seems to fit your personality very well. Thank you for listening to me rant and bitch online. Thanks for not thinking I was too much of a dork when I was just testing the water in life way back when.

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