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Catching Up With Old Friends
3.Oct.06, 18:31 pm
Filed under: Friends & Fam

When I think back on all of the stupid stuff I did as a teenager, in college at USAO, I have some bad memories. But beyond all of that, I had some really great friends who have always meant a lot to me, and I’ve always regretted losing touch with them.

In the past week I’ve gotten in touch with one of those friends, who was also one of the ones who got dumped on a lot by those around us. He was always a great friend though, and loyal to the core. We’ve both been through some really rough times over the past 10 years, and I am really glad we’ve been able to chat this weekend.

Thanks, Bill, for being such a great friend, if I didn’t say it so long ago. I’m so glad to see you are happy, and your wife really seems to fit your personality very well. Thank you for listening to me rant and bitch online. Thanks for not thinking I was too much of a dork when I was just testing the water in life way back when.

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