The Idiot’s Guide To Everyday Life

It’s official, I have NO life.

It’s 11pm on a Saturday night and my options for boredom cures consist of online addiction solitaire courtesy of Yahoo or Pay Per View movie flics (Although, United 93 does seem rather interesting….). Dale went to spend the night at his friend Derek’s. I thought that once you passed the big 30 you were officially too old for sleepovers? I guess if Michael Jackson can get away with it, so can they. They’re prolly drinking and smogging, so I’m rather glad he’s not going to attempt driving home tonight. The kids are asleep in my bed, so I’ll likely be crashing on the couch tonight.

All of my friends have moved away or have lives of their own. Thank God I’m starting work this week so I can meet some more interesting people to talk to. It’s not like I want to sit around talking to Dale all the time. We have nothing to talk about anymore. With him, it’s either 3d art that he keeps making but does nothing with, or video games, neither of which interest me in the slightest. I want someone to talk to that I can actually have an intelligent conversation with. Is that too much to ask?

Oh well, my days generally consist of laundry and household chores and trying to keep the kids from killing each other. I’ll be glad for the break while I’m working, although teaching in public schools, I’ll be surrounded by other kids all day and probably end up wondering why some people are allowed to reproduce.

At the end of the day, when I can look in and see them asleep on my pillows and just watch them, I love my children so much, I wish I didn’t get so stressed out at them so easily sometimes. They can really try my patience, but I love them with all my heart.


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