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So sick of re-runs
31.Dec.06, 02:02 am
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Life is like one big re-run. You’ve seen it all before, but there’s nothing on any of the other channels anyway.

For the past 3 weeks, all of my favorite shows have been re-runs while everyone is on hiatus for the holidays. Come on, folks. It’s not like Christmas just snuck up on you. They didn’t change the calendar this year, you knew it was coming, why not have pre-taped episodes ready to air??? I’ve seen maybe 3 new episodes of Men in Trees in the past 3 months!! I love that show, but I get sick of waiting for new ones!! How many times can we watch Meredith and Derek on Grey’s Anatomy and say “SO fuck her already!”?? (I know, I know, it’s pretty much the same plot everytime on that show anymore, but the details…)

I’ve been watching LIFETIME for cryin out loud! I’m so bored. I need school to start back up so I can go back to work. CABIN FEVER is seriously taking over.


28.Dec.06, 12:42 pm
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I took the kids back to the doctor today. Jaden was doing a lot better until yesterday. He has a cold still, and I had to pick him up early from daycare due to a 102 degree fever. Ugh. This morning he was coughing uncontrollably, but Triaminic helped that. The doctor told me it’s just a cold, so he’s fine, doesn’t even need antibiotics again.

Josie, who was running around acting like she felt great, getting on my last nerve for refusing to sit still in the dr’s office, still has an ear infection. She throws up almost every night- projectile vomits. Out of the entire time she was on her antibiotic for her ear infection she only kept it down maybe 2 or 3 times. Other than that, it came up usually before it even got all the way down. The dr came in and said, “So she didn’t get her meds?” I said, “No, she got them, but then she gave them back.” Her ears look much better, but the left is still a little pink, so she’s on zithromax for the next three days now and should be fine after.

Jaden and I had a long discussion last night about his birth, and how he could have died at birth if it weren’t for the Albumen protien transfusion he had right then. So today, he kept telling everyone on the dr’s staff, “I could have died when I was a baby”. I told him he sounded like a broken record, and he looked at me and said, ‘Mom, what’s that?” Man, did that make me feel old! My son has no idea what vinyl is!!!! The dr said that makes me officially an antique. Thanks, Keith.

Now I’m looking up the cost of Rx’s online because I lose my medicaid coverage this month due to actually having income again. Sometimes I wonder if working is worth it with as many meds as I have to take. Between my asthma, epilepsy, GI problems, and chronic illnesses, not to mention the anti-depressants I’ve been on for 3+ years, you’d think I was a walking pharmacy. I’m also taking phentermine trying to lose the extra ass I carry around. This is going to be expensive. The only anti-seizure drug they carry on the walmart $4 generic drug program is Tegretol, and they don’t carry my AD on their either. My asthma inhalor doesn’t have a generic – I take pirbuterol instead of albuterol because it doesn’t cause the phlegm problem alubterol does and it seems to work better. I know it’s not on there. Neither is my singulair. I think I just need to win the lottery. That would really help.

What more can they do????? This.
21.Dec.06, 17:34 pm
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Now that I no longer have a job, the place I was working for as a temp database manager is trying to screw me just a little harder for Christmas. Thank you, but you could have used some lube!

They “couldn’t find” my time sheet, and I just find this out the day before I was supposed to go get my paycheck- thank God I called the temp office to make sure it had been submitted!! So now, 3 days till Christmas, I’m going to have to get an advance of 70% of the pay they owe me “because they don’t know how much to withhold for taxes”. To me, that is complete bullshit, because if the person who handles the advance is the same person who handles the paychecks in the first place, they know how much to withhold!!! HOW MUCH MORE CAN THESE PEOPLE FUCK ME OVER????

Lovely holidays…. Hope yours are better than mine!

Had a semi-decent day after all

What I thought was going to be a shitty day turned out halfway decent after all.

I started at breakfast with one of my best friends this morning at IHOP. I got there at 10 till 9am, and he didn’t show up till after 9:30. I had the meeting time confused, so it wasn’t really his fault, but when I thought I’d been stood up, I was a little depressed. I had 4 bites left of my pancakes when he got there. So we went from there to the mall and I was spoiled rotten for my Christmas gift- a ruby & diamond pendant AND a sapphire and diamond pendant with very delicate gold chains. (I’m going to have to get longer chains for both, because of my troll-size neck, but they’re BEAUTIFUL!) I wasn’t expecting anything like that for Christmas, but I was so amazed!!

I got the rest of the money I needed to pay the electric bill today and ended up being able to do a little of my Christmas shopping. I got Josie’s stuff and then went to the electronics dept at Wam-a-lart to shop for games for Jaden, but the sales girls there were complete bitches. I asked for the keys, and one girl said, “I’ll get them right now.” She sent someone else to get them, and when she got back, I was standing right there waiting for her, and 3 other people jumped in front of the cash register so she just started checking them out and completely ignored me. I waited 15 minutes and she still kept helping other people, so finally I said, rather rudely, “Forget the keys, I’ll just do my shopping elsewhere,” and left. Fuck her. She doesn’t deserve my business.

So I’m going to EB Games tomorrow to check out their selection. I might be able to get the game I was going to get for him cheaper there anyway, so I can afford to get more than one or two for him. I hope he likes his presents this year.

Josie and I had a girly-girl afternoon today. She is enthralled with the lip gloss I got her yesterday. She has to put it on every 5 to 10 minutes now, and had to have a makeup case to put it in, so I gave her one of my old ones. So today, I took out my train case and got my face illuminator cream and put a tiny bit on her like foundation, then some powder, and a tiny bit of PALE pink blush, and some very pale pink and lavender eyeshadow, and then some pearly pink lip gloss on her. She went and looked in the mirror and has been running around like a little beauty queen diva ever since. It’s adorable to watch her. Now she wants to put on a pretty dress and do her hair too! How did I ever end up with such a girly girl?????? She’s such a doll. And a prissy little lady sometimes too, hehe. We watched an American Girl movie after the makeup session and had snuggly girl time together. Jaden has been out playing with his friends all day, so this was her treat. I love having our special time together. She’s my little princess, I just adore her.

Now the kids are playing with trucks in the kitchen floor. They’re having fun racing and then slamming them into one another. At least they’re laughing and not fighting. I like it when they can play together and get along instead of being jealous of one thing or another all the time. More often than not, one of them is whining and the other one is screaming and they’re blaming each other for something. Times like this, even when they’re loud, are a blessing.

Well, back to laundry I go. My house is actually clean for a change. My kitchen is very clean, the living room is clean, and my laundry is almost finished. I just need to do the bathrooms again and my bedroom and make the kids tidy up theirs. They’ve been fairly decent since I reorganized them about a month ago, but I never had time to do my own, so hopefully this week I’ll have a little time to catch up. It’s a never-ending battle here. Oh well, such is life!

My Christmas shopping was just nulled
15.Dec.06, 22:10 pm
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Why is it that everytime I get a new job my kids get sick??? I had to take today off to be here while my daughter was projectile vomiting and I lost my job. ONE DAY OFF!!! And I lost my job. This fucking sucks. Right before Christmas. Everytime I start thinking money problems are finally going to be ok, something like this happens. I have to pay bills, I lack $30 to make my electric bill in my checking account, and now I just looked in my Christmas money stash and I only have $65, so if I take it out of there, we get no presents for the kids at all this year. What the hell????

My daughter wants a TJ Bearytales for Christmas. My son wants videogames. What in the hell am I going to do for them? I can smile and say Merry Christmas, but it’s not going to make them feel better when all of their friends have presents and they have nothing under the tree and nothing in their stockings.

I’m losing it. I need help. This is bullshit. It always ends up this way around Christmas. Christmas officially sucks in my book. Bah Humbug.

Nothing worse than sick kids
15.Dec.06, 08:56 am
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My babies are sick. I guess I shouldn’t call them babies anymore, they’re 7 and 3, but to me, they’ll always be my babies. They’ve both had bad colds, and I took them to the doctor on Tuesday morning, and he said Jaden’s is trying to turn into bronchitis and Josie’s is causing infections in both ears. Joy.

Josie is on sulfameth (antibiotic) and I’m worried that she’s having a reaction to it. I give it to her every night, and then every night before bed she projectile vomits! Jeff is allergic to Sulfa, so I’m worried that she’s inherited his allergy, along with his ghostly paleness and red hair. I’m taking this morning off from work again and taking her back to the dr, or seeing if he’ll call in a different prescription for her. Poor little thing, even if I give her cough syrup, she throws it up immediately. I don’t know what else to do for her, and it kills me.

Jaden is doing better. He’s on a different antibiotic, and he takes pills, so he’s coughing less and feeling better. He’s been running around and playing at daycare in the afternoons after school, so I’m sure he’s fine. I tried to get him dressed for school Wednesday morning and could only find 1 pair of pants that fit, so I went to Old Navy on my lunch hour and got him 3 new outfits and 1 for Josie. He’s in heaven. He loves getting new stuff. Dale’s mom got Josie a new pink faux-fur coat. He got jealous, but she gave him his coat a  month ago when it first turned really cold. She also got him new Skechers and some new shirts and an outfit at Kohl’s, so he’s got to get over this jealous streak.

Meanwhile, Josie won’t take her coat off once it’s on. Yesterday, Miss Heather at daycare had to tell her that if she wouldn’t take it off to eat her breakfast she was going to get milk and cereal down the front of it and it would be nasty, so she took it off, but made them hang it on the back of her chair and put it right back on when she was finished. It’s a little too big for her, but she doesn’t care. The hood is big enough that she can hide her whole head under it, so she plays peek-a-boo under it. “Look mommy, I’m under HERE!” Jaden told her she looked like a little pink polar bear, and she said, “No, I’m a pink bunny rabbit.” She’s too cute. I’ve got to steal my batteries back from Dale’s 360 controller to put in my digi camera so I can take pics of her in it.

My kids are the best, even when they get their attitudes, I wouldn’t know what to do without them. My favorite role in life is being a mom. I love nothing more than snuggling up with them at night and Jaden and I work on teaching Josie new numbers. She counts to 15 on her own, but every night we go up 5 more and count with her over and over until she learns them on her own. Jaden is proud to be helping to teach his little sister. He got all A’s and 1 B+ on his report card 2 weeks ago!!! I was so proud of him!!!! His B+ was in reading, and he’s been improving by leaps and bounds in reading in the last few weeks. He reads anything you put in front of him. Even signs and such as we go down the road, he’ll sound it out until he gets it right. He’s like I was when I was little, he reads boxes and papers in front of him when he sits down anywhere. He loves new words.

I’m going to do my Christmas Shopping tomorrow. I know, I’m behind, but I’m getting my first paycheck from my new job tomorrow, I got paid from the schools on Wednesday (for OCTOBER!) and I got child support in on Wednesday also, so I actually have money to shop with this weekend. I just hope Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us has at least ONE TJ Bearytales left. Josie will be VERY unhappy if they don’t. Jaden has been begging for a dirtbike. I told him to be realistic, he said, “Ok, an electric dirtbike.” I said, “You’re 7, think again.” I will probably be getting him a dirtbike or motorcycle game for his xbox, and a few more games to go with it. Since Dale got his 360, Jaden gets to have the old xbox in his room, so he needs more games on his level.

Hopefully, it won’t be TOOOOOO crowded this weekend when I go to the mall, but I doubt I’ll get that wish. It’s a week before Christmas. Everyone will be out in droves doing the same thing I am. At least Dale will be here with the kids, so I’ll get a little peace and quiet. I’m also going to have my presents wrapped at the mall, so they’ll be ready to just put under the tree when I get home. Screw the wrapping paper and bows…. I’m not messing with it. The kids or the cat would be all over it. I think I’m also going to take the kids to JC Penney or Sears to have pics taken with them this weekend as well. I haven’t had a picture taken of the three of us EVER. I’m such an awful parent, but I hate having my picture taken. I’m not photogenic. I just want a pic with my kids though. It’s time.

Work… Changing jobs yet again…
11.Dec.06, 21:33 pm
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Christmas is looming before me, and my pockets are bare, so in an effort to see smiles on my beautiful children with wrapping paper shredded everywhere, I took a new temp assignment for December.

Turns out, this job pays WAYYYYY more than substitute teaching, and I’m really enjoying it!! So much, in fact, that I go to work 30 minutes to an hour early every morning and only take half of my lunch just to work overtime! I’m doing database management and invoicing for a small family-owned trucking company here in OKC. The people there are so nice, and wonderful to work with. They really seem to like me too, they’ve already mentioned making me permanent as soon as possible, and I’ve only been there for a week! I’m loving what I do, and my kids love their new daycare center (it’s in a church here in Moore) and things are really looking up.

I’ll get my first paycheck on Friday, so Saturday I’ll be braving the “Weekend before Christmas” crowd at the malls to do my shopping. At least I’ll have $$ for gifts!! Gotta love weekly pay!!