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Work… Changing jobs yet again…
11.Dec.06, 21:33 pm
Filed under: Our Little Nest, Tidbits About My Life, Work

Christmas is looming before me, and my pockets are bare, so in an effort to see smiles on my beautiful children with wrapping paper shredded everywhere, I took a new temp assignment for December.

Turns out, this job pays WAYYYYY more than substitute teaching, and I’m really enjoying it!! So much, in fact, that I go to work 30 minutes to an hour early every morning and only take half of my lunch just to work overtime! I’m doing database management and invoicing for a small family-owned trucking company here in OKC. The people there are so nice, and wonderful to work with. They really seem to like me too, they’ve already mentioned making me permanent as soon as possible, and I’ve only been there for a week! I’m loving what I do, and my kids love their new daycare center (it’s in a church here in Moore) and things are really looking up.

I’ll get my first paycheck on Friday, so Saturday I’ll be braving the “Weekend before Christmas” crowd at the malls to do my shopping. At least I’ll have $$ for gifts!! Gotta love weekly pay!!


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