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My Christmas shopping was just nulled
15.Dec.06, 22:10 pm
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Why is it that everytime I get a new job my kids get sick??? I had to take today off to be here while my daughter was projectile vomiting and I lost my job. ONE DAY OFF!!! And I lost my job. This fucking sucks. Right before Christmas. Everytime I start thinking money problems are finally going to be ok, something like this happens. I have to pay bills, I lack $30 to make my electric bill in my checking account, and now I just looked in my Christmas money stash and I only have $65, so if I take it out of there, we get no presents for the kids at all this year. What the hell????

My daughter wants a TJ Bearytales for Christmas. My son wants videogames. What in the hell am I going to do for them? I can smile and say Merry Christmas, but it’s not going to make them feel better when all of their friends have presents and they have nothing under the tree and nothing in their stockings.

I’m losing it. I need help. This is bullshit. It always ends up this way around Christmas. Christmas officially sucks in my book. Bah Humbug.


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Christmas always sucks when you’re broke. No money and bills needing to be paid means no money for Christmas gifts for your children. That sucks even more. I feel your pain.

Comment by Mario

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