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Little girls and bubblebaths
3.Jan.07, 19:15 pm
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At the grocery store, my cell phone starts going off. Since not too many people have my cell #, I thought it was probably Linda, but it was the daycare. Josie was screaming bloody murder in the bathroom, and they tell me she’s been acting like she might have a bladder infection or a UTI. Poor little thing!!

I dropped everything and drove straight there to pick her up, anad call the dr’s office on my way, which of course has no chance of seeing her on such short notice but can get her in in the morning. Great, with the way she was screaming, I don’t think she can make it till morning. So off to the lovely Moore ER we go.

When I got her to the ER she was laughing and smiling and happy, so I begin to wonder why she was really screaming at daycare, when all of a sudden, 20 min after we get there, she starts screaming again and acting like someone is just killing her. Her urinalysis came back perfect, so they did bloodwork and gave her some Demerol for pain and Phenergan to keep her from throwing up after the Demerol, so she was knocking out. The blood work came back fine, so they decide she needs a CT scan of her abdomen. This is where we find the problem: Little girls & bubble baths might be fun, but they aren’t good for each other. The soapy agent in the bubble bath will get stuck in all of the nooks and crannies and cause it to burn when they urinate, causing the child to try to retain urine instead of going back to the bathroom and risking it hurting again. They’ll hold it until they can’t hold it anymore, and then release only a small amount to relieve the pressure, and so the bladder begins to swell more and more. After the bladder swells to a certain point, it begins to spasm painfully, which is what made her scream. Her bladder, which should barely be bigger than her fist and sit nicely in her pelvis, was swollen until the top was almost at her belly button!!

Once we found this, the dr advised a catheter to drain her, or it would continue. Of course, a groggy little girl in a drug-induced sleep is not happy about this, so she was not very cooperative, but once the tube was in, she was back asleep (with her eyes half open, I wish I could sleep that good!) and then once they had her drained, all was well. She’s fine today, wouldn’t have known it was the same kid if you hadn’t seen her screaming, but I now refuse to let her have bubble baths. So much for the huge bottle of Disney Princess bubble bath I bought the weekend before Christmas.  It’s plain old Johnson’s head-to-toe baby wash until her sensitive skin can handle Ivory or anything else!

Then….. 45 minutes after I get home from the ER with Josie, to make the perfect ending to my day…. I’m in the office on the computer when I start feeling kinda weird, so I got up to walk into the living room so I can sit in my chair and rest a bit, when I hit the floor. Grand Mal seizure. I woke up in a pile of broken glass Christmas ornaments with little scratches all over me, and everyone else in the living room watching Scifi. I seriously hate having epilepsy. My day sucked!

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