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Not Having Power Sucks
5.Jan.07, 23:57 pm
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I had a serious seizure on Tuesday, see my last post for THAT wonderful story. I’ve been having bad headaches ever since, and yesterday it got bad enough that I lay down for a cat nap to see if it would let up any. When I woke up to the phone ringing, I noticed that the clock on my nightstand was off, so I looked at the cable box and it was off too. I figured the breaker had blown. WRONG.

In August, I had a pymt arrangement with the electric company because we’d gotten a little behind this summer with our outrageous cooling bills. (Note to others…. mobile homes are NOT energy effecient.) Our budget for that month left me paying the electric bill, gas bill, and water bill. I was counting on my child support check to pay the electric bill, and of course, it was LATE coming in, so I ended up with a cutoff notice, saying I had to pay the ENTIRE bill within 10 days, and no other arrangments could be made since it was a broken pay agreement. SUCKED. So, we had the service disconnected in my name and connected in Dale’s name. We had to pay another deposit, but that was still cheaper than the WHOLE bill in my name.

Skip ahead to December. DHS decides that I’m preapproved for LIHEAP for the winter term, YAY!!!! I put in my paperwork to show that I’ve changed electric accounts and explain the situation to my worker, no problem she says. Well, when the pymt went through to OG+E, they didn’t change the acct info on my case, they applied a pymt to my OLD account, so that flagged it in the OG+E billing dept. They confirmed with DHS that I still live here, and then cut off our service with NO NOTICE WHATSOEVER. We didn’t even get a letter in the mail, and it’s the first week of January, so it’s freezing-ass-cold in here. We couldn’t even spend the night in our own house it was so cold. Luckily, Dale was getting paid today, but his entire check wasn’t enough to cover the amount they wanted for the reconnect, so his mom covered the rest for now, but that still leaves us broke, and we have rent, gas, water, and 2 other bills to cover in the next 2 weeks.

I’m seriously sick of being broke all the damn time. Substitute teaching doesn’t pay jack. I love doing it, and it’s the perfect hours, because I still get to pick up my kids fairly early and spend time with them, but I need a better job. I haven’t worked in 2 weeks because we’re out for Christmas break, so that means no pay in January. I’ve been calling my temp service of choice everyday for 3 weeks trying to get a new assignment but they never seem to have any openings. (How they stay in business when they supposedly never have assignments is beyond me.)

Sunday, I’m going to hijack Linda’s newspaper and get the classifieds so I can do some searching this week between classes and on Wednesday when I have nothing scheduled. Wish me luck!

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