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Bring on the HEAT!
16.Jan.07, 23:17 pm
Filed under: My Munchkins, Our Little Nest, Tidbits About My Life

I haven’t left the house since last Friday- the better part of a week already. We haven’t had school all week, and won’t be having it again tomorrow. I finally dug out the truck today. We had at least 3 inches of ICE – not snow, ICE – on top of it, and on the walk, and on the front porch. Luckily ice breaks up into chunks easier than show does, so I just went out and hit it with a hammer and it would break enough to scrape off the truck, and I used the point of the shovel on the front porch and steps and it broke it up enough to shovel it off. No, I didn’t actually hit the truck with the hammer, I angled it just enough to only hit the top of the lower layer of ice. Once I had the hood and most of the outer crust of ice off of the truck the engine and defroster had worked enough to help break up the lower layers so I could scrape them off. The huge sheet covering the top of the cab all came off in one fell swoop!

My son’s favorite pass-time this weekend has been to have be tie a garbage bag around his butt and slide down the back hill on the ice with his friends. They were just sliding down on their pants, and he looked at me weird when I suggested a trash bag, but hey, they slide! And it keeps his pants from getting soaked-through, thus him getting pneumonia and me having to miss even more teaching.

I had four days out of five scheduled to teach this week, so this is going to take another big bite out of my income, but they can’t keep school closed forever, so I know I’ll be back to work soon. I’ve got the majority of this month scheduled, plus some computer jobs I’m working on at home in the meantime, so hopefully it’ll all pull together.

My daughter is really starting to get this stubborn streak. She didn’t get it when she was 2, but 3 1/2 is really kicking in. The red hair is coming through loud and clear now! And when I get on to her for something, the waterworks start up and her favorite lines are, ‘I thought you were my best friend!’ or ‘I thought I was cute?’. Yeah, she’s cute. She’s adorable. No amount of cute is going to get her out of some of her recent antics. I’m not even going to go into them right now, I don’t have the patience, and I am in dire need of hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Time for fleece blankets and goose-down comforters!!


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