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It’s tax time again
18.Jan.07, 23:02 pm
Filed under: Goals, Hopes, Plans, Tidbits About My Life

Finally, after checking daily for the W-2 to be uploaded, we got Dale’s in tonight. I just filed our taxes for 2006, literally 3 minutes ago, and we’re getting twice what I thought we’d get– nearly $6000!!!!!! I’m going to be able to put a down pymt on my car!!! I’m so excited!!!! And it should be direct deposited into my bank acct within 10-16 days, so hopefully, with it being the middle of January, we’ll get it pretty quick. Dale says he wants to upgrade his computer- I don’t care, but I’m getting the pedestals for my washer and dryer, we’re paying bills, and we’re putting money down on a car for me. I’m sick of this 1 vehicle shit and not being able to fit all 4 of us in the truck. A family of 4 cannot get around in a chevy s10. It’s a freakin law of physics.

Maybe I can use part of the money to move out finally. I’m ready to be gone. I’m beyond ready. And then I can get on my own two feet. This may just turn out to be a great thing!


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