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I read entirely too fast
20.Jan.07, 11:46 am
Filed under: Tidbits About My Life

Since Christmas Eve, I’ve read 9 books. I would have read more, but I’ve stopped reading for a while to work on my computer a little. The night before Christmas Eve I went to Barnes & Noble in Norman and bought 2 new books by James Patterson. I started reading one of them about 9:30 – 10 that night and ended up reading until 3am and finished the book that night. An entire novel, one night. Ugh. I finished the other book, Cross, in a day and a half. That’s about my average – a day and a half to two days. I finished the entire 10-book Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind in 8 weeks. Four years ago, I finished the entire Harry Potter series, at the time, in a month. Since then, I’ve read each new installment in 2 days as they come out. I’ve bought 5 new books since Christmas, and I’ve read them all. I’ve stooped to reading Dale’s scifi/fantasy books because I’m out of books to read and I am broke. When tax money comes in – by 02/02/07 they said!- I’m going to go to B&N and seriously stock up. I can’t handle not having anything else to read. As for one of my favorite authors – why hasn’t Dan Brown written anything new in a while??? I know, The Da Vinci Code was a big hit and all, but come on, man! Dont’ leave us hanging! I need fresh pages! And Terry Goodkind – Bring on book #11 already! I’ve waited long enough. This extra year BS has got to go. And JK Rowling – Get off your duff and finish the last one. Or, correction, get back ON your duff and finish the last one. Your fans understand you have a life too, but hey, those of us who have no lives need reading material. I am seriously in need of a library card- but I never return books, so I’m not going to do that. I would end up with 20 of them in my living room for a year and would never take them back. I’d have fines coming out of my ears. Maybe I’ll just have to break down and do it.


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