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Oh What a Beautiful Morning
22.Jan.07, 17:05 pm
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Oh What a CRAPPY Day.

Last night I tried to put my kids to bed at 8pm, since today was their first day back to school since the ice storm, and I was supposed to teach kindergarten today, so I was going to be going to bed early myself after a hot shower and a cool-down in front of the TV for Brothers & Sisters at 9. Of course, that didn’t go over too well. At 11, I”m still griping at them to get their butts in bed and have given out swats to both. My daughter finally goes in her room and starts bawling about how I’m so unfair and she thought I was her best friend (she’s only 3 1/2 and is the biggest drama princess I know). She cried so hard she made herself throw up all over her bed. Lovely.

We cleaned her up and changed out her bedding, and put her back in her bed. Then, I finished the last 5 minutes of my show, and went to bed. At that point I started feeling nauseous and chilled. I made my way to my room, and managed not to hurl, and had Dale go find me a Phenergan. That worked enough to take away the dizzy waves and knocked me out. He stayed up till around 2ish and watched TV before coming to bed.

Half an hour later, Josie woke up coughing to hard she threw up in her bed again. I was seriously dizzy from the Phenergan and such so Dale cleaned her up and put her in bed with us. I told him I’d need him to take Jaden to school in the morning, he said ‘fine’ and rolled over and went to sleep.

8am. No alarm has gone off. I assume Dale didn’t understand that when I said I’d need him to take Jaden to school that I actually meant I’d need him to take Jaden to school.I was still groggy and dizzy from my Phenergan, it takes me several hours to recover from the side effects once I’m actually awake after I take one. Dale’s response is, “I’m tired. It’s not going to hurt him to miss one day of school. I need some more sleep before work.”

OK, let’s examine the facts here: Jaden just missed an entire week of school due to a horrific ice storm that caused school to be cancelled. Dale stayed up until 2am of his own volition as he’s done repeatedly for the past few weeks, causing him to be a lazy, thoughtless bastard in the mornings when his Mommy comes to pick him up and drive him to work. (Thank Buddah she’s on vacation all week!) I refuse to feel sorry for him for shit he does to himself. Yes, I’m taking the day off work. I cannot take Josie to the daycare when she’s throwing up, which she does often, and I’m still too loopy to drive at this point due to the after-effects of the Phenergan from the night before.

Dale’s reply: “Enjoy your FUCKING day off!”

Adult. REALLY Adult.

Now he doesn’t understand why I’m pissed off. Go figure. I’m seriously sick of it.

Note to my readers: Please don’t expect me to feel sorry for you when you do things to yourselves and can’t handle the consequences the next morning. I have enough shit to deal with.


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