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Furniture Shopping – LOVE IT!
23.Jan.07, 21:19 pm
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I blew off everyday life today and went window shopping with Lupita. Directions in Furniture is having a Going Out of Business Sale, so I thought we should check it out. She found this awesome purple loveseat, and a bright orange loveseat, and a round ottoman that was beige with purple, orange, and ash green circles all over it that would look so cute in a contemporary living room. Problem is, her house is anything but contemporary.

Lupita has the most beautiful home. It’s been in mid-renovation for years, but it’ll be absolutely beautiful when it’s finally done. It’s getting to the point in the kitchen that you can really begin to see what the finished product will look like and I love it. Her home just has a very cozy feel to it that makes you want to stop and take a nap. She has a fireplace in the living room, and french doors that open onto a sun porch which gives a nice view of their pool. She has turned the front den into her office – she’s my Pampered Chef director – and knocked down a wall to turn her old office room into a cozy little formal dining room. A Tiffany lamp shade found at a sale gives a really rustic feel to the kitchen table, and the sage green walls with cream cabinets make you think of herbs and garden life.

Someday, I dream of having a home like that. For now, I’d settle for a 2 bedroom apartment with enough room for me and my kids, and of course, washer/dryer hookups. I did find a bed I liked today, which was a discontinued item, so it was on sale for $199. I put some money down to hold it, and plan to go back to get it when the tax money comes in. Every piece of furniture in this house right now is mine except for the bed, but I plan to leave the living room furniture for Dale, because a) it’s falling apart and I hate it and b) we barely got it IN the house, I’m not about to attempt to get it out the front door. I’m now going to attempt to find something else that’s reasonable, even if it’s used. This stuff was used when I bought it 3 years ago, I paid $400 for it, and it’s held up so far. He can have his damned recliners. I just want a loveseat and 2 chairs. That’s it.

Hopefully I’ll come up with something reasonable between now and the time I move out. I’ve decided I’m getting a storage unit here until I move. I’ve got to give myself 2-3 months to get stable on a different job because substitute teaching doesn’t pay for squat. I’ll never be able to get a lease with that as income. I really hope I find something soon.


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