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Timing is everything
21.Feb.07, 20:30 pm
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Today was weird. I woke up at 5:30am because Jaden was couging really bad, and I got up to give him some cough syrup. I tried to go back to sleep, but I knew I only had an hour and a half until I had to get up anyway, so going back to sleep wasn’t really worth it. Finally, I gave up and got up anyway.

I got the kids ready and off to daycare, then made my way over to my school of the day for my teaching assignment, only to find out that they switched me, and instead of being assigned to a morning class I was assigned for afternoon only. Ugh. I could have slept in a little later.

Ok, back home, I wasn’t even going to try to go back to sleep for such a short time, so I picked up my book and curled up, then had a bite for lunch and went back to school.

Finished my teaching for the day at 3, and headed to Jaden’s school for his IEP meeting. I arrived at 3:30 and found Mrs. Acock, only to find out I had the day wrong. Apparently his regular teacher Mrs. Carter had told me that the meeting was scheduled for Friday and they had to move it up a day to Thursday, but I wrote it down as Thurs moved up to today. So back home I went. Ugh….. twice in one day.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and I double-checked my assignment for tomorrow, so I know what time I have to be there. Same school, and so far I’ve sub’ed for three teachers in the the past two days, and tomorrow I’ll be covering for two more. Teacher workshops are going on this week, and every teacher is attending for at least half a day it seems like. Oh well, more work for me!!!


Today’s Lesson is…
20.Feb.07, 15:14 pm
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Today’s class was split between 2nd grade and 1st grade. I had Mrs. Renfro’s class for the first half of the day and then moved to Mrs. Nelson for the last half. The kids were pretty good in 2nd grade, but the first graders I got right after lunch/recess, so they were pretty wound up. Luckily they had music for part of the afternoon, and their reading buddies came in for a short time before that so it went fairly quickly.

All in all, it was a good day. Thanks kids!

Rest in Peace
14.Feb.07, 09:45 am
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Albert Dunham passed away at 6 o’clock this morning. He had multiple cancers, as well as COPD, emphysema, and pneumonia. The pneumonia simply took all the remaining strength he had.

He was a Purple Heart Veteran. He was wounded in WWII – frostbite to his feet during long marches in the frozen snow. He was discharged from the Army when he refused to have his feet amputated.

He was a loving husband and father to four children – Mike, Carolyn, Nancy, and Frank. He was a grandfather to Brent, Jeff, and Amber, and had 7 great-grandchildren, mine included.

May his soul finally be at rest, with his loving wife LaVeta, whom he lost almost 6 precious years ago.

Pete & Repeat….
13.Feb.07, 12:49 pm
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OK, now I just talked to Jeff. Does this idiot never learn????

I knew something was up last week, he was all depressed BEFORE I told him I’d sent the divorce papers via certified mail. I asked him if he was ok, and he told me he was moving in with his mom, but that he and Crisco hadn’t broken up. I asked him if he lost his job and he said, “Kinda.”

Today I asked what happened….

“SOMEHOW a virus ended up on my computer and they blamed me for it and fired me.”

Uh-huh. SOMEHOW. This is what happened with SBC. He had PORN on his computer and got fired over it. When he got a new computer and sold his old one to Manu, she had to have it scanned at a tech support center because it kept dying on her. Come to find out, there were 53 trojan horse viruses on the hard drive that even FORMATTING didn’t remove!!!!

What will it take, Jeff? Someone hitting you over the head with a brick?

Was this just your stupidity in action, or another tactic to get out of child support?

When it rains it pores…
13.Feb.07, 12:28 pm
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Woke up a little late this morning and found Jeff’s mom’s number on Caller ID. Her father is in the hospital with pneumonia and they don’t think he’ll make it out. He’s 81, and he’s already on oxygen, and has melanoma, so this is just on top of everything else.

I feel really bad for Carolyn. She lost her mother to emphyzema about 6 years ago, and she was always VERY close to her parents. She lives with her father and mentally retarded brother, and I know she’d be devastated to lose both parents. I hope and pray that he comes through this, though right now he’s unresponsive.

Unhappy Campers
11.Feb.07, 16:27 pm
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The kids are sick again. Jaden isn’t TOO bad yet – bad cough and runny nose, but his fever hasn’t been as bad as Josie’s.

Josie’s fever got up to 104.7 last night, scared me to death. Of course, when this happened, Dale had the truck and was out getting drunk with some friends of his about 6 blocks away. I didn’t have their number, so I called his mom, and she went over there to get him and tell him I need help.

He took 30 minutes after I spoke with him to get the six blocks home!! I wanted to kill him, and he had the lush bitch, Terri, with him. I just tried to ignore her, even though she started pestering Josie the second they walked in the door. I put Josie’s coat on and headed to the ER to make sure she was ok.

I had already given her a dose of Ibuprofen, a cool bath, and some ice water to drink. By the time Dale got home and I got to the ER and they finally took her temp again, her fever was coming down. The took a good look at her anyway, she had bronchitis and both ears infected. They prescribed Zithromax, gave her some tylenol to make sure the fever didn’t spike back up again, and sent us home.

When we got home, Dale’s friend was even more drunk than when we left. She puts the T in white trash. I’ve never seen her sober, and she’s the only woman I know who carried a flask in her purse full of cheap whiskey at all times. She’s got smoke lines in her face and looks like a rejected biker chick that fell off the wagon one too many times. She immediately started picking on Josie when we got in. I didn’t even speak to her, I curled up in my chair with Josie and cuddled her on my lap with a blanket because she didn’t want to get in bed yet. Terry proceeded to pick on her until she started crying, and Dale did NOTHING. I was ready to punch the bitch, but I didn’t want to start anything with my daughter right there and sick, so I took her back to my room and snuggled her in the bed. About 20 minutes later Dale finally decided to take the drunk bitch home. I had remembered seeing a gallon-jug of whiskey in her hand when she came in before I left for the ER- not even an hour before. It was empty in the trash can before she left.

When Dale got home, I went off. I will NOT have someone treating my child that way. I will NOT have drunk people like that in this house if my children or I are home. I don’t understand why in the fuck he would take half an hour to get home from six blocks away just so he could bring that lush to our house and continue to drink. He is beyond worthless. That is the end of the line.

Birthday Boredom

I am officially old. I hit the dirty-thirty yesterday. Didn’t really do much of anything. Dale took Jaden to school and came home with breakfast in bed from McDonalds, then I slept in for a while. A friend came over and we hung out for about 30 minutes or so, then Dale came home early and we went out to a late lunch together.

I had wanted to go to Outback, it’s my favorite restaurant, but when we got there at 10 till 3 we found out that they didn’t open til 4pm, so we went to Red Lobster instead. I had the Seaside Shrimp Trio and Dale shared one of his crab legs with me- it was GOOOOOD. I haven’t been to RL in a while.

After that I pretty much just came home and read. I don’t know why I’m so tired lately. I’ve been run down all week. I thought it might have been from the tetanus shot I got on Tuesday, but my dr’s office said no, that wouldn’t cause me to be run down. Now I’m pms’ing on top of it so I’m guessing it’s just overtime pms. I’m also swollen all over and my arms were numb when I first woke up this morning. I guess I just hit my expiration date or something, I’m starting to fall apart.

 Josie is being a little cutie. She was sick last night, running a fever of 102, and has a cough and runny nose. I ran to Wal-Mart at 10:30, bought a temporal thermometer, gave her some Ibuprofen and a Triaminic thin strip and we curled up together and watched Flicka. Her fever finally broke this morning. She seems to be doing a lot better. She said, “And I’m ALIVE, Mommy! I’m not sick anymore!” I told her she was still a little bit sick, and she said, “No, Mommy. I’m ALIVE!” She’s my little doll.

Hopefully we’ll all be feeling better soon.