The Idiot’s Guide To Everyday Life

Birthday Boredom

I am officially old. I hit the dirty-thirty yesterday. Didn’t really do much of anything. Dale took Jaden to school and came home with breakfast in bed from McDonalds, then I slept in for a while. A friend came over and we hung out for about 30 minutes or so, then Dale came home early and we went out to a late lunch together.

I had wanted to go to Outback, it’s my favorite restaurant, but when we got there at 10 till 3 we found out that they didn’t open til 4pm, so we went to Red Lobster instead. I had the Seaside Shrimp Trio and Dale shared one of his crab legs with me- it was GOOOOOD. I haven’t been to RL in a while.

After that I pretty much just came home and read. I don’t know why I’m so tired lately. I’ve been run down all week. I thought it might have been from the tetanus shot I got on Tuesday, but my dr’s office said no, that wouldn’t cause me to be run down. Now I’m pms’ing on top of it so I’m guessing it’s just overtime pms. I’m also swollen all over and my arms were numb when I first woke up this morning. I guess I just hit my expiration date or something, I’m starting to fall apart.

 Josie is being a little cutie. She was sick last night, running a fever of 102, and has a cough and runny nose. I ran to Wal-Mart at 10:30, bought a temporal thermometer, gave her some Ibuprofen and a Triaminic thin strip and we curled up together and watched Flicka. Her fever finally broke this morning. She seems to be doing a lot better. She said, “And I’m ALIVE, Mommy! I’m not sick anymore!” I told her she was still a little bit sick, and she said, “No, Mommy. I’m ALIVE!” She’s my little doll.

Hopefully we’ll all be feeling better soon.


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