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Unhappy Campers
11.Feb.07, 16:27 pm
Filed under: My Munchkins, Our Little Nest, Rants, Tidbits About My Life

The kids are sick again. Jaden isn’t TOO bad yet – bad cough and runny nose, but his fever hasn’t been as bad as Josie’s.

Josie’s fever got up to 104.7 last night, scared me to death. Of course, when this happened, Dale had the truck and was out getting drunk with some friends of his about 6 blocks away. I didn’t have their number, so I called his mom, and she went over there to get him and tell him I need help.

He took 30 minutes after I spoke with him to get the six blocks home!! I wanted to kill him, and he had the lush bitch, Terri, with him. I just tried to ignore her, even though she started pestering Josie the second they walked in the door. I put Josie’s coat on and headed to the ER to make sure she was ok.

I had already given her a dose of Ibuprofen, a cool bath, and some ice water to drink. By the time Dale got home and I got to the ER and they finally took her temp again, her fever was coming down. The took a good look at her anyway, she had bronchitis and both ears infected. They prescribed Zithromax, gave her some tylenol to make sure the fever didn’t spike back up again, and sent us home.

When we got home, Dale’s friend was even more drunk than when we left. She puts the T in white trash. I’ve never seen her sober, and she’s the only woman I know who carried a flask in her purse full of cheap whiskey at all times. She’s got smoke lines in her face and looks like a rejected biker chick that fell off the wagon one too many times. She immediately started picking on Josie when we got in. I didn’t even speak to her, I curled up in my chair with Josie and cuddled her on my lap with a blanket because she didn’t want to get in bed yet. Terry proceeded to pick on her until she started crying, and Dale did NOTHING. I was ready to punch the bitch, but I didn’t want to start anything with my daughter right there and sick, so I took her back to my room and snuggled her in the bed. About 20 minutes later Dale finally decided to take the drunk bitch home. I had remembered seeing a gallon-jug of whiskey in her hand when she came in before I left for the ER- not even an hour before. It was empty in the trash can before she left.

When Dale got home, I went off. I will NOT have someone treating my child that way. I will NOT have drunk people like that in this house if my children or I are home. I don’t understand why in the fuck he would take half an hour to get home from six blocks away just so he could bring that lush to our house and continue to drink. He is beyond worthless. That is the end of the line.


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