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26.Mar.07, 13:38 pm
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I emailed my ex-boss this weekend to let her know I would not be coming back out to her house due to the aforementioned lack of pay. She was going to be gone all weekend at her mother’s house, so I didn’t want to bother her during her family time.

She didn’t check her email when she got back, apparently, and called me all morning while I was gone. I got back and saw the caller ID FULL of her number. Then I got an email from her, “I wish you would have discussed this with me before you decided to quit. We were going to sit down with you today and discuss further options. We talked about you on Friday and are greatly impressed.” I TRIED to talk to her on Thursday. That’s what’s so frustrating about this. I thought she understood the situation. I’m giving up half my pay to come out there and work for her, and I just can’t do it because I have bills to pay and she can afford to actually pay someone to work for her.

I don’t know what to think. I would love to continue to work for her family. They are wonderful people, but I can’t do it if it means giving up half of my pay and having to use that much gas every week to get there and back. It’d be stupid on my part to do so. I have bills I can’t pay. My gas is going to be shut off if I don’t pay it by Friday, meanwhile, I turn down sub teaching assignments worth twice as much when I go out there for next to nothing.

Ugh. I emailed her back and told her that, I’m waiting to hear from her again.

To be continued…


From gainfully employed to indentured servitude
23.Mar.07, 08:54 am
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Ok, when I got this job, it was supposed to be a LOT different. The woman I’ve been working for wanted a “girl friday” basically, to do her bookeeping for her, to write out checks to pay her bills, and to help her pick up around the house. It’s a great job, and I love doing it, don’t get me wrong. But instead of actually paying me min wage or anything, she’s been paying me $100 per week to work FULL TIME.

When I substitute teach I get $200 a week, and I don’t have to drive very far. I am paying $50 a week in gas right now just to get back and forth out there, and I am making less than HALF of minimum wage. The woman is worth over $3 million!!! I balance her checkbooks everyday, so I know how much cash she has on hand, hell, she wrote a $24,000 check out to her 3 yr old daughter on Monday just for the hell of it. Her words, “Well, at least I know it’s going somewhere other than more vehicles for my husband to sell.” Yet she’s this cheap when it comes to paying someone to actually work for her.

I sat down and had a talk with her about it, and she’s like, “Well, pretty soon we’ll be moving things out to the storage barn, so I won’t need you to do as much, and it won’t be full time anymore, but I can understand that’s not much money.” Then she just changed the subject, “I’m going to go get my manicure and pedicure now, so if you can watch my daughter until I get back I’ll leave your money under the cookbook in the kitchen and you can take it when you go and my husband can take over at 5”. Ok, so I thought we had an understanding that $100 a week wasn’t going to cut it.

I go downstairs an hour and a half later…. under the cookbook is a $100 bill. Nothing changed. I’m sorry, but I can’t work for peanuts. I have bills to pay. Everyday I turn down sub teaching jobs when the computer calls me, just so I can go out there and work for nothing, thinking she’s going to finally start being fair with me. No. I won’t do it. It would be sheer stupidity to continue to go out there when I could make twice as much money, for less hours, and for less wasted gas, to teach locally.

I love their family, they’re the sweetest people in the world. But I won’t work for nothing.

Hello to Patrick

In the spirit of most Americans after losing a pet, we went right out and got a new pet.

My kids were hurt by losing Furball, so today we paid a visit to the local animal shelter and saved a furry friend from euthanization. Our new family member’s name is Patrick. We figured, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and he’s half white/half orange tabby, enough to be considered a “red head” so we went with Patrick. Plus, my aunt and uncle have a mini-schnauzer named Plankton, so what’s another Spongebob sidekick in the family?

Patrick is still a little skittish if you are walking near him, but if you’re sitting down, he’ll come right up to you and want to be pet forever. He loves being rubbed behind the ears and has a LOUD motor when he’s happy. He’s adorable, full grown, already has his shots and is neutered, so he’ll be an indoor only cat. We don’t want what happened to Furball to happen again. The kids were devastated.

Right now, Patrick’s favorite spot to hide is under Josie’s bed. If he gets scared that’s the first place he runs. He’s box trained, so I’m happy, and he found the food bowl within 5 minutes of bringing him home. We got him a collar and tag, and I picked up some flea/tick shampoo, even though they said he’d been treated before I got him. Anytime you bring home a pet from a shelter, you’re going to have to wash off all of the shelter dirt to keep from itching and sneezing. I might as well treat him for fleas and ticks at the same time.

He’s a sweet cat and the kids seem to love him. I hope he’s as good a friend to them as Furball was. I still miss him, and it still hurts that he’s gone, but I think opening our home to a new friend will help us get past it.

Farewell to Furball

Our sweet cat, Furball the Fabulous, passed away today.

He got out last weekend and we couldn’t find him for a couple of days. Jaden finally found him and brought him home. He hid in the house and was walking a little funny on his back legs, but we didn’t know how bad it really was because he stayed hidden and we didn’t see the wound.

Apparently, he was out tomcatting and another cat got ahold of him when they fought over a female and basically gnawed his back end open. It was horrible. I took him to the emergency vet hospital over here and they sewed him up, but this morning, when I woke up, he had feces all around the incision area and I tried using a baby wipe to clean him, but he just mewed like it was killing him, so I turned the water on in the shower very low and took down the sprayer to gently clean him off, and that’s when I saw that it was coming open again, and the fecal matter was coming from inside the wound itself. I rushed him back to the emergency vet and they said that his colon was ruptured really bad, and surgery would be very expensive to fix it, if he even COULD be saved. They said more than likely we would lose him in the process, so the only humane thing to do would be to put him down.

It tore me up, but I had to have him put to sleep. I loved our cat, and so did the kids. I came home and told them and they both cried. I baked cookies to make them feel better and we all had a sad afternoon, but I think they’re going to be ok. Jaden wants to go out and get another cat RIGHT NOW, but I said we need to wait just a little while. We just lost him today, we need to wait and then think it over before we go get a new cat. The new cat won’t be the same, won’t replace our Furball, and we will still miss him.

I got attached to Furball. We’ve had him for about 8 months. We found him as a little kitten, just a tiny ball of fur, which is how he got his name. He was the sweetest little thing. He slept next to me most nights, snuggled up with his head on my pillow. He was my living bookmark anytime I lay down to read. He would climb up, lay his head on my arm, and put his tail in the crease of my book. He just HAD to be pet. I loved him so much. I know if we get a new cat it won’t be the same. Furball was a rare, special little soul. I can only hope we can find one half as sweet as him someday.

Praise the Lord and Pass the Queso
13.Mar.07, 19:33 pm
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I got home from work and couldn’t decide what to fix for dinner, so I decided to fix nothing. I picked up the kids and then went to get Dale from work and he decided for me. Apparently, Alfredo’s, the new Mexican place up the street, was catering at work all week and he got stuck sitting three feet from the breakroom door and had to inhale it all day, so he was craving a grilled burrito like crazy.

Our little suburb is blessed with a great hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant called Maria’s. They have the best chimichanga’s I’ve ever eaten. Chicken and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla and fried golden and crispy, covered in sour cream sauce….. OMG. It’s foodgasmic. And….. they have all-you-can-eat for the price of a regular meal at most places. It’s only a dollar more than a regular plate, so we always get that. That way, if we can’t decide what we want, we get a little of everything. Those chimi’s are worth every penny.

I’m trying to get the kids to broaden their eating horizens. It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant we go to, they either want a cheeseburger (Josie) or a grilled cheese (Jaden), chicken nuggets or a corndog (both). I told them no more. If we go out to an ethnic restaurant, whether it be Mexican, Chinese, Greek,¬†Italian or whatever, they’re getting something that goes with wherever we are. They need to learn to eat more than the basic kid-fare. Josie will eat anything you put in front of her most of the time. It’s Jaden I doubt I can get to go along with it. I’m determined to break him of the refusing to eat streak though. One of these days anyway.

Sweet drops of Rest

There’s not much more relaxing than a rainy day, with the window cracked so you can listen to the drops falling, while you lay in bed reading a book. I could do this everyday.

We have needed some rain here. It’s been too dry. We decided to skip the Auto Show and Dale’s dad and stepmom came down and took us out to lunch. We got a little drenched on the way to and from the cars, but it was a nice outing.

I love this time of year. The days have been so sunny but not too hot, with just the right amount of breeze. The birds are chirping and the grass is starting to show a little green in patches. It’s really beautiful.

Time for me to get caught up on laundry now and get prepared for another week of work. Neverending cycle, but I love my kids so much, they’re worth it all.

The joys of being gainfully employed
9.Mar.07, 21:08 pm
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I started this week part-time employed. I finished the week as full-time.

My boss liked my work so well on Sunday that she called me up and asked me if I’d be interested in coming out to her house everyday and helping her out. I think she and her husband were really surprised with everything I did. I’m a personal assistant for a family on the edge of Midwest City. They buy and sell properties and vehicles, and needed someone to do their bookeeping for them, and she wanted some help around the house and with their daughter when they’re away or running errands, etc. I was just what she needed!

I love it, the hours are flexible, the work is fairly easy, and I really enjoy this family. Their daughter is 3 yrs old, and I even took Josie with me to work yesterday and she and their daughter got along great. They played like best friends, and the family really enjoyed having her there. I know she had a great time, they even went out to play on the trampoline and she had a blast.

I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing, and hopefully there will be enough to do to keep me busy for a long time. She’s really wanting someone who can move into their guest quarters to help full time, so we’re not making any long-term commitments as far as my full-time employment, but for now at least, it looks like I’m doing pretty well and everyday they tell me how impressed they are.

YAY for a good job that I like going to!