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The cutest things kids say
6.Mar.07, 10:39 am
Filed under: Funny Shit, My Munchkins

Yesterday I was picking up the kids from the daycare. Our daycare has an awning over the front door area and two posts at the front of it with concrete around the bottom. Everyday, Jaden jumps up on the concrete and swings on the pole like a monkey. I tell him everytime to get down. Yesterday’s converstation:

Me: “Jaden, everyday I tell you not to swing on that thing, and everyday you do it.”
Jaden: “I know….. Ain’t it great?”

Last night, Josie woke up and came in the living room where I was finishing up watching Stranger than Fiction. She climbed up into my lap and snuggled there with me.

Me: “You’re my precious little girl.”
Josie: “And I’m SOOOOO Beautiful!”

Then, I took her in my room and snuggled her up with me so she’d go back to sleep. While I was holding her:

Me: “My baby girl.”
Josie: “Mommy, I’m not a baby girl. I’m a Princess Big Girl.”

Me: “My Princess.”
Josie: “That’s good. Now let’s say it again….”


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