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The joys of being gainfully employed
9.Mar.07, 21:08 pm
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I started this week part-time employed. I finished the week as full-time.

My boss liked my work so well on Sunday that she called me up and asked me if I’d be interested in coming out to her house everyday and helping her out. I think she and her husband were really surprised with everything I did. I’m a personal assistant for a family on the edge of Midwest City. They buy and sell properties and vehicles, and needed someone to do their bookeeping for them, and she wanted some help around the house and with their daughter when they’re away or running errands, etc. I was just what she needed!

I love it, the hours are flexible, the work is fairly easy, and I really enjoy this family. Their daughter is 3 yrs old, and I even took Josie with me to work yesterday and she and their daughter got along great. They played like best friends, and the family really enjoyed having her there. I know she had a great time, they even went out to play on the trampoline and she had a blast.

I’m really enjoying the work I’m doing, and hopefully there will be enough to do to keep me busy for a long time. She’s really wanting someone who can move into their guest quarters to help full time, so we’re not making any long-term commitments as far as my full-time employment, but for now at least, it looks like I’m doing pretty well and everyday they tell me how impressed they are.

YAY for a good job that I like going to!


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“I started this week part-time employed. I finished the week as full-time.”

That sounds like a great week! Most people are usually feeling worse at the end than at the start. Life’s good sometimes. Hope it keeps rolling.


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