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Praise the Lord and Pass the Queso
13.Mar.07, 19:33 pm
Filed under: My Munchkins, Tidbits About My Life

I got home from work and couldn’t decide what to fix for dinner, so I decided to fix nothing. I picked up the kids and then went to get Dale from work and he decided for me. Apparently, Alfredo’s, the new Mexican place up the street, was catering at work all week and he got stuck sitting three feet from the breakroom door and had to inhale it all day, so he was craving a grilled burrito like crazy.

Our little suburb is blessed with a great hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant called Maria’s. They have the best chimichanga’s I’ve ever eaten. Chicken and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla and fried golden and crispy, covered in sour cream sauce….. OMG. It’s foodgasmic. And….. they have all-you-can-eat for the price of a regular meal at most places. It’s only a dollar more than a regular plate, so we always get that. That way, if we can’t decide what we want, we get a little of everything. Those chimi’s are worth every penny.

I’m trying to get the kids to broaden their eating horizens. It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant we go to, they either want a cheeseburger (Josie) or a grilled cheese (Jaden), chicken nuggets or a corndog (both). I told them no more. If we go out to an ethnic restaurant, whether it be Mexican, Chinese, Greek, Italian or whatever, they’re getting something that goes with wherever we are. They need to learn to eat more than the basic kid-fare. Josie will eat anything you put in front of her most of the time. It’s Jaden I doubt I can get to go along with it. I’m determined to break him of the refusing to eat streak though. One of these days anyway.


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