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Hello to Patrick

In the spirit of most Americans after losing a pet, we went right out and got a new pet.

My kids were hurt by losing Furball, so today we paid a visit to the local animal shelter and saved a furry friend from euthanization. Our new family member’s name is Patrick. We figured, yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and he’s half white/half orange tabby, enough to be considered a “red head” so we went with Patrick. Plus, my aunt and uncle have a mini-schnauzer named Plankton, so what’s another Spongebob sidekick in the family?

Patrick is still a little skittish if you are walking near him, but if you’re sitting down, he’ll come right up to you and want to be pet forever. He loves being rubbed behind the ears and has a LOUD motor when he’s happy. He’s adorable, full grown, already has his shots and is neutered, so he’ll be an indoor only cat. We don’t want what happened to Furball to happen again. The kids were devastated.

Right now, Patrick’s favorite spot to hide is under Josie’s bed. If he gets scared that’s the first place he runs. He’s box trained, so I’m happy, and he found the food bowl within 5 minutes of bringing him home. We got him a collar and tag, and I picked up some flea/tick shampoo, even though they said he’d been treated before I got him. Anytime you bring home a pet from a shelter, you’re going to have to wash off all of the shelter dirt to keep from itching and sneezing. I might as well treat him for fleas and ticks at the same time.

He’s a sweet cat and the kids seem to love him. I hope he’s as good a friend to them as Furball was. I still miss him, and it still hurts that he’s gone, but I think opening our home to a new friend will help us get past it.


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