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Red-faced Ballerina
28.Apr.07, 19:11 pm
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My beautiful princess is sick today. I had to go pay a bill in Norman yesterday before I picked up the kids from daycare and when I got home I found 5 calls on the caller ID – the daycare called, and within 10 minutes, my mom, Dale’s mom, Jeff’s mom and Jeff had all called me to find out what was going on. Apparently when they didn’t reach me on the first ring, the daycare called everyone on my contact list.

 Josie had a fever of 102.2 all evening. I gave her Motrin and a cool bath and liquids. She seemed to do better for about an hour, and then went to lay down in Jaden’s room and watch cartoons. About 10:15 she threw up again. Another bath and then I curled her up in my lap in the living room. I paged the pediatrician who told me to give Motrin AND Tylenol at once and then to give her Emetrol for the nausea. I did that, and 10 minutes later she threw up all three. Lovely. At least she went to sleep after I cleaned her up again.

7am this morning she woke up crying louder than last night. I felt her head and she was burning up. She looked really pink in the face but nowhere else. I figured it was the fever and didn’t think much of it, so I took her temp and it was up to 103.4. I got her dressed and took her to the ER down the street – probably the worst hospital in town other than Southwest – and they did a strep culture and a chest xray. She was diagnosed with both strep throat and bronchitis and they said she probably has asthma now, just like her brother and I do. Jaden was diagnosed with asthma when he was her age, so it makes sense. They gave her a breathing treatment and sent the pediatric mask home with me so she can use it with my nebulizer if she needs another treatment.

We came home and slept until noonish. The poor little thing was so sick and just cried and snuggled up to me. Her face kept getting redder and redder. I eventually got scared that it could have been an allergy to the penacillin that the ER prescribed for her, so I paged the pediatrician. I thought it was weird that she didn’t have the redness anywhere other than her face. I thought it even weirder that she had no symptoms before Friday evening.

The pediatrician said that he didn’t trust the strep test from the Moore ER. I hate that hospital, so I tend to side with our doc. He told me it sounded more like a virus he’s been seeing that is causing acute-onset bronchitis and one of the symptoms is a flushed face. He told me not to worry about the pennicillin, and to keep giving it to her. She probably doesn’t have strep, just a sore throat with all of the drainage, and that it’s more than likely the virus we’ll just have to wait out.

Dale’s dad and step-mom brought the kids’ birthday presents over today because they’re going on their annual vacation and won’t be here for most of May. Josie got a beautiful ballerina dress-up costume with satin slippers and everything. She HAD to put them on right then. My poor little ballerina had a red face to go with her pink costume. I hope she gets better soon.


12.Apr.07, 10:30 am
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Thirteen Things about Being a Single Parent

1. You get the majority of the hugs & kisses all to yourself.

2. You are there for all of the special moments that touch your heart.

3. You have to deal with the bills and headaches on your own too.

4. Discipline is harder when you feel guilty because the other parent ignores them.

5. Hearing them say “I Love You, Mom” has SO much more meaning.

6. You feel bad when you don’t have the extra cash for book fairs, ice cream cones, or everyday little requests.

7. Going to the grocery store requires a baby sitter or a lion tamer.

8. Locking the bathroom door to take a bath is considered “a break”.

9. You wonder how any parent could simply not want to be involved in their child’s life.

10. You realize that no matter how much love you give them, it doesn’t make up for the other parent not spending time with them.

11. You still keep giving them all the love you can, and hope they understand.

12. Eventually, they stop asking for him.

13. You cherish everyday, knowing that when they’re older, they WILL understand.

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