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Sniffles are a crime
7.May.07, 18:24 pm
Filed under: My Munchkins, Rants

My son came home upset today because the kids at school were hateful to him. They said that he was giving them headaches because he kept sniffling. Like he can help it!! I asked him what the teacher did, and he said, “She sent me out in the hall”. I’m so pissed right now. He didn’t do anything wrong. He can’t help sinus drainage.

It’s not a crime to get the sniffles. My son should not have been punished for something he could not control. If they’re so upset about him having the sniffles, I guess I could just keep him home until he’s all better. He’s not running a fever, has no contagious illness, just has the SNIFFLES! Let me find out they try this again – EVER AGAIN – as long as my son is in this school system, and I swear to Buddah they will not hear the end of it. You don’t want to piss me off. Especially when I’m PMS’ing.


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