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8.May.07, 16:21 pm
Filed under: Friends & Fam, My Munchkins, Plans

Getting reading for my kids’ birthday party is like getting ready to run a marathon when you’re 100 lbs overweight and have severe asthma and one leg: a big challenge.

I’ve got the party booked at The Perfect Swing, and the cake is ordered from our friend who makes the most gorgeous cakes. The decor is provided there as well as the pizza, and the ice cream will be bought the day before. Josie’s outfit is on its way from Everything But the Princess, and Jaden’s will be purchased this weekend.

I’ve still got to get their presents, finish her beaded bracelet and necklace, and get a gift for Dale’s mother (whose birthday is the day of the party). My mom’s is the day of Josie’s, but I’ve got her gift and her mother’s day gift. I just need to wrap them and get a mom’s day gift for Jeff’s mom from the kids. This is a lot to do on a tight budget.

The child support still hasnt’ kicked in, and without it, I don’t know how I’m going to finish paying for the party. I was counting on it, and they’re supposed to have sent in the first pymt from his employer by the 11th, which is Friday, but if they don’t, it’ll be a while before CSED pushes it in court.

I hope the money comes through in time. Jeff hasn’t even bothered to show up to their last 2 parties, so I hope his not paying child support doesn’t ruin this one too. Oh well, they’ll be happy to have thier friends and family close even if we have to move everything to the park and just have cake and ice cream (sherbet for Josie, since she’s allergic).

I hope this all goes according to plan, I get so stressed out, even though I know that it will be over in a couple of hours and nobody else cares if it’s perfect. I always feel like people are judging me when I’m the one in charge of the event. I guess that’s why I just slink back into the sidelines at family gatherings so I won’t be in the way.


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