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A change of plans
9.May.07, 16:46 pm
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I called this morning to check on a child support pymt at the CSED hotline. It takes them 48 hrs+ to post a pymt to my account, so I just wanted to see if they had received anything yet, since it’s so close to the party date and I need that money to pay for it.

Apparently they couldn’t bother to tell me the last FIVE times that I called that they’d received a letter from his employer on April 16th stating that he’d been terminated on March 19th. I know this isn’t true, he was at work TODAY when I called to check on this. I called him there.

So basically, the temp agency he works for looked up somebody else’s info and sent it in instead. Now, the CS hotline rep said they were going to have my “worker” call the temp agency within 3 business days to check on the situation and verify his employment.

I say “worker” because until today I didn’t even know I HAD a worker. I’ve never spoken to this person, don’t know their name, and have no way of contacting them other than emailing the entire Chickasha CSED office. They are supposed to then fwd it to the proper worker who will reply IF they feel like it, which is only about 30% of the time. The only person I can call is the statewide information hotline, which is a call center of third-party reps who can only look at a screen and read the notes to tell me what’s been done on my case. They know nothing about me or about my case. However, if I call his employer directly just to verify any information, even just to get their mailing address or fax number for the CSED office so I can update his employer information, the idiot who emails me back will threaten to cut off my support due to non-cooperation. UM, HELLO, EITHER DO YOUR JOB OR SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO DO IT FOR YOU!!!

I’m seriously pissed off right now at this entire situation. I’m thinking about writing to a state rep or senator to complain about the entire CSED setup. This is ridiculous.

He’s starting work at a new company on May 29th, so by the time they get around to fixing this mess with the temp service he works for now it will be too late to do any good anyway and they’ll have to send a copy of the garnishment order to the new place and wait ANOTHER 45 days for a pymt. This is beyond frustrating.


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