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An act of God or Congress?
10.May.07, 11:28 am
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Just an update on the CSED situation.

After my last post I emailed 2 state senators and a state rep to request an investigation into the lack of communication lines available to single parents within the CSED organization. The entire setup of their system is completely ridiculous.

This morning I woke up to a 3-sentence reply to my email:

Bryan is your caseworker, he has prepared a Contempt Citation, for failure to pay.  You will be notified of the court date once one has been assigned to the case.  You are not required to attend the Contempt hearing but you will be given notice.  Thanks”

This was in response to a very LONG email with MANY questions to their office, none of which were answered, including how to contact my worker.

This Contempt Citation was completely unnecessary, Jeff didn’t do anything wrong except not send in a pymt, which was perfectly understandable given the fact that he THOUGHT they were going to automatically garnish it. He told me he thought it came out automatically no matter where he worked because they’ve always caught up with him. I told him that’s only because I’ve updated them. It was in our original court order that we have to update them with a change of address and employer within 10 days of the change.

I emailed the CSED back and asked them why they couldn’t bother to just pick up the phone and CALL his employer to fix this mistake without having to file court papers and drag this out even longer. It’ll take at least a month to get a court date and then they will still have to garnish his pay, which is exactly what is already being done. Obviously the CSED workers aren’t having to take up their valuable time actually SPEAKING to their clients, so why can’t they use it SPEAKING to the employers of the NCP’s who have made a mistake. It would be a lot less hassle in the long run.

At this point I called the hotline again and told them I needed to have my worker call me. They said all they could do was to send an email message to the worker to request it, they could not guarantee a call. Lovely. So these idiots answer to nobody?

Next, I looked up the Manpower HQ office contact info. I called the HR department and was transferred to the CPC office, which handles court orders, to a Rozalynd Edwards who told me that all child support orders are handled through a special office out of Dallas, TX and gave me the number to that office. I spoke with a woman there who looked up his information and told me that she had no record of them ever receiving the court order and didn’t know why anyone would send a letter saying he didn’t work for them when he was still listed as an active associate. She said they couldn’t take any action to even contact CSED themselves until they sent in something else, and she said they’d need a copy of the letter that was sent to see what was going on. I got her fax number and sent it, along with her phone number and the gist of our conversation in an email to the CSED office.

I guess threatening them with action by the State Senators and Reps finally did something, because within an hour of sending them the contact information for the CS office of Manpower they called them, faxed a copy of the garnishment order and the letter they’d received, and were told that they had no idea why that mistake was made but that they would begin garnishment immediately on his next paycheck, which will be next week. The worker called me immediately after that and we had it straightened out. The girl who called me was not my worker, he’d left for the day already (at 1pm?) but she said that she’d go ahead and update in the system that he’d be starting ANOTHER new job on the 29th, and that if they had a start date for him already he should be in their computers too, so they’d send out a garnishment order NOW. That way, by the time his first check rolls around, they should be ready to go ahead and send in the pymt.

That was all it took. Why did they have to make it so hard? A simple phone call and faxing the information. If they’d told me about the letter they’d received the first time I’d called the hotline I could have told them that it was a mistake and they could have gotten it fixed long before now, and I wouldn’t be having to replan my kids’ birthday party because I can’t afford it. This is completely ridiculous.

If CSED can’t take care of my case, then it is in my family’s best interest to take care of it myself. From here on out, I will be proactive in doing the legwork for my case and not leaving ANYTHING to chance. Luckily, the divorce should be final within the next month so the case will be transferred to the Norman CSED office and they’re supposed to be a lot better at handling this.


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