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Happy Birthday to EVERYONE!
19.May.07, 21:49 pm
Filed under: Friends & Fam, My Munchkins

The birthday party went off with only a slight hitch – WIND!!

It would have been a beautiful day if not for the horrible winds that made it feel about 50 degrees at the park. We all ended up bundling up with jackets or blankets from our cars. Everyone had a great time, though.

 We went to a local park with a picnic lunch and cake and ice cream and the kids got to play. It was all family there, and no other kids could make it, but they still had a great time. This weekend happened to be not only graduation, but also baseball tournament weekend, so all of the kids we invited were at games.

Jaden and Josie got lots of clothes and new toys, and 2 sets of sheets each for their beds. They were really happy, and excited. My mom got some new towels and decor for her house. Linda got some home-spa pedicure lotions and scrubs and we got her a porcelain birdhouse with pretty roses and butterflies on it. She loved that.

Next year, we’re doing something INDOORS!


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