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Thursday Thirteen – Happy Birthday Jocelyn!
24.May.07, 14:29 pm
Filed under: Tidbits About My Life
In honor of her birthday on Monday:Thirteen Things about Jocelyn!1. She’s my little princess, my only daughter.2. She has the ability to light up an entire room just by entering it.

3. I have never seen eyes the color of hers before, and doubt I ever will again. She is truely beautiful.

4. Her smile is never fake, her laugh is never forced, she is a genuinely happy child.

5. She would rather sit in my lap while I read a book than run and play with anyone.

6. Knows how to melt your bad mood in seconds.

7. Has had be wrapped around her little finger since birth.

8. Believes that she can do anything she wants.

9. CAN do anything she sets her heart to.

10. Is talented and brilliant and charming.

11. Will be both a prima ballerina AND a top-notch attorney when not practicing cutting edge-neurosurgery.

12. Gives love freely with her whole heart, without question.

13. Believes Mommy can do anything, and I only hope I can live up to her expectations.

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Only trouble is, she will eventually turn 13, and then all hell will break lose! lol

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