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Stop the merry-go-round, I wanna get off.
29.May.07, 10:01 am
Filed under: My Munchkins, Rants, Tidbits About My Life

I’ve officially had no energy for days now. Last night’s sleep was broken, with nightmares and an asthma attack, so this morning I feel like death-warmed-over. I know I have a massive amount of housework to do, but I have no energy or motivation to get it done.

It’s been rainy outside for days and that just adds to the gloomy mood I’m in. I thought it was supposed to be APRIL showers bring May flowers? Apparently, it’s a little late this year. I’ve spent the last two days curled up with books in my pj’s.

The school called me this morning. Apparently I was supposed to have a meeting with Jaden’s teachers to go over his IEP and testing results to see if he was going to be able to stay in the Specials program. He was up for evaluation this year, and they didn’t know if he’d be able to stay in there with all of the progress he’s made so far. He’s not used to being in the normal classroom full time, so if he’s taken out of there all at once, I know it won’t be good for him. He’s a bright kid, but he has a lot of trouble focusing, and the Specials class gives him a smaller class size, so he gets more one-on-one help. It’s been great for him for the past three years. He’s come a long way. I’d hate to see him regress because he’s not ready yet.

Jaden has a bad habit of not bringing home papers he’s supposed to, so when the school called I had no idea what meeting they were talking about. Luckily, there’s ONE day left in the school year, so we’re going to have the meeting tomorrow morning instead. This is lovely. We have to have it closed out by tomorrow. And I don’t even have a medical evaluation done on him by his Dr to backup everything we did before. Apparently I never got THAT form either. These idiots, they should know better than to trust important paperwork to be brought home in a backpack. Sometimes, the backpack itself doesn’t even make it home. If it’s THAT important, mail a copy to the parents directly, and FOLLOW-UP with a call before it’s time for the meeting, not when I don’t show up. And if they can’t reach me at home the day of the meeting, don’t call MY mother. I’m not in elementary school. I know how to work voice mail.


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