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He doesn’t work here. Yes he does. No He doesn’t. WAIT! He Does!
26.Jun.07, 20:26 pm
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Ok, a month and a half ago I had a problem with CSED when Jeff’s employer at the time, a temp service, said that he wasn’t employed through them. They eventually admitted somoene had made a mistake, because he was on assignment through them. He quit working for them on May 29th and started a new job at Dell.

Now, Dell is saying he worked there for 2 weeks and was fired or quit. I got an email from someone at CSED saying that they contacted the temp company and asked if he’d been working for Dell through them. Of course not, nobody ever claimed he did. They said they do not place people at Dell, but claimed that they DID have him out on another assignment. Um, no.

He started working for Dell on May 29th and is still employed there. He’s not been fired from there, or at least that’s what he says. CSED said, “We’ve gotten a local number to fax the income assignment order to, but please be aware that they do have up to 45 days to put it into effect.” Um, if you’ve got the wrong place, then why would it matter how long you waited????

I filed formal complaints against the Chickasha office of the child support enforcement division because they couldn’t get their shit straight. Now, they finally moved my case to Norman after over 3 years of complaints and requests to transfer it. Apparently Norman isn’t any better.

What do I have to do to get someone to listen???? What do I have to do to get his damn employers to get their heads out of their asses and tell the truth???? Why does this have to be so fucking difficult??? I could get more results if I were handling the case myself, but unfortunately, I have to let CSED handle it because my kids are on medicaid because my ex can’t bother to keep medical insurance on them and I can’t count on him for JACK SHIT!!

Oh, he’ll give me all of the information I need to help get this straightened out, so they’ll start garnishing again. But he won’t just help by making a payment of his own free will. If it’s garnished, it’s money he doesn’t see. But if he’s had it in his posession, it’s too precious to give up. His kids can’t have it. The bastard. He’s never in his life made a voluntary child support payment. He just can’t seem to understand that even though his employers are making mistakes and I’m working my ass off to get it corrected, HE’S the one who is responsible for the payments. When his employer messes it up, HE is the one who is supposed to fix it, and HE is still responsible for making sure the payments go in. He’ll be wishing he’d done something when he goes to jail and the judge throws the book at him for not helping.


It’s all GREEK to me!
24.Jun.07, 14:30 pm
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I have been having serious cravings for a good gyro or a plate of lamb chops and garlic potatoes with greek salad and feta cheese. I don’t know why, but I haven’t craved Greek food this bad since I came back from Europe.

Moore has a very pitiful selection of places to to go for gyros. There are 2 in town, and one of them is actually a donut shop that just started serving them, and they suck. I need a GOOD place to go. Norman has the Greek House in Campus Corner, but I don’t wanna drive 20 minutes just to get there. It’s worth it, if you don’t mind the drive with no air conditioning, but I think I might wait until I go down there for court and have one in celebration.

I think I’m going to have to drag some friends with me to the North side of town to Zorba’s one of these days and try out their menu. Apparently they’ve got lamb on their evening menu, and I would kill for some REAL Greek food again.