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Finally Final
2.Jul.07, 08:51 am
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I’m officially divorced!!

 It’s been three years in the making. After trying to get help from Legal Aid for 2 1/2 years, I finally gave up and filed everything myself. When he didn’t like what I’d filed, he claimed he was going to get Legal Aid to look over the papers on his behalf. Fat chance, when they were so overworked and understaffed they weren’t TAKING divorce cases!

Just to be on the safe side, I looked up other pro bono options, and the only other thing I found was the University of Oklahoma Legal Clinic. They have a pro bono program where bar-certified interns who are near graduation are supervised by staff attorneys and can represent actual clients. I wrote to them with information on my case, and showed them what I’d already filed, and they called me the very next day (unlike Legal Aid who sent a denial letter a month later). They had me in the office in 2 days and assigned my case to someone who could help me.

We filed an ammended petition, because I had done everything I needed to EXCEPT putting in custody in the actual petition. It took a month to get him served because he refused to pick up the certified mail my attorney sent, just prolonging the inevitable. After he was served, he had 20 days to contest. After all of his griping and complaining, he didn’t even bother to file a SINGLE PAPER with the court!!!  After the 20 days the case was transferred from Judge Foss, the judge who hears contested divorces, to Judge Lucas, who hears the uncontested. He happened to be out of the office all week, and didn’t reschedule our hearing, so my attorney made quick arrangements and had Judge Gaston hear our case. It took all of 5 minutes. He granted everything I asked for. I didn’t ask for anything unreasonable, and the kids will now be taken care of.

He now has court-ordered supervised visitation. He can have either his mother or another agreed-upon third party there. This will make sure that nothing like the “Andrew Incident” happens again. That little demon will not come anywhere near my children. If my ex can’t be bothered with protecting them, then I will get someone else to make sure he does. The judge also said he will be restricted from visitation until he attends the necessary parenting class for divorcing parents of minor children. It’s required by the state, and I attended the weekend after I filed, he’s known since February, so he has no excuse. Hopefully he’ll go soon. Just one more hurdle.


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So do tell. Did you get full custody. What all did you get. How are things going? What about child support?

Comment by Michelle

I got full sole custody, he has supervised visitation, and I got the child support and alimony that I asked for.

Comment by Angela

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