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I now bequeath to thee…
10.Jul.07, 17:53 pm
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Now that the divorce is final, it’s time to update my will. I don’t have much to leave to anyone other than my life insurance policy, which goes to my children. I guess the only hard question is, if I die, who do I want to raise my children?

I know I don’t want the ex to raise my kids. I don’t agree with the disgusting lifestyle choices he’s making, and I certainly don’t want Crisco anywhere near the kids, much less to have a hand in raising them. Look at how HER brat has turned out. I also know that there isn’t a single person in my family that I would trust whole-heartedly with my children. The person I had chosen, my best friend, is now having health problems and cannot be the first person in line to care for them. She will still be the alternate, but I need a stable, trustworthy person, who would love them as though they were their own and care for them the way I believe they should be. I want that person to hold similar ideals in parenting that I do, and believe that a child should be able to express themself to their utmost ability while still respecting those around them.

This is a hard decision, and really puts into perspective the relationships you have with those around you. I hope that I can come to a decision soon, as you never know what hand fate will deal to you, or what waits around the corner.


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Hey If anything ever happened to you. You know Chad and I would happily take both of the kids.

Comment by Michelle and Chad

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