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Reliving the past
29.Jul.07, 23:52 pm
Filed under: Tidbits About My Life

I find myself lately reliving moments from my teen years – mostly the early days of college. I’ve gotten in touch with old friends again who I haven’t spoken to in eons and it makes me stop and reminisce about what might have been and if only.

I sometimes have to wonder about the road not taken. If I hadn’t messed up, if I’d gone to class and finished my degree and gone on to teach. If I had gone to OU instead of USAO. If I had never gotten married and had ended up with someone else.

I think when it comes down to it, our choices and our mistakes and all of the multitudes of experiences we have throughout our lives, both good and bad, lead us to where we are and who we are. If I had not gone to USAO, I would not have met some of the truly amazing friends I still have now. If I had not gone through a series of bad relationships¬†and made some of my mistakes I would never have learned to be as strong as I am. If I hadn’t gone through my crappy marriage, I wouldn’t have my two wonderful children and I would never have moved to Germany to meet some amazing people there.

What I can do now is look ahead. I’ve gotten in touch with so many old friends through the internet and have been able to rekindle those friendships and learn about the lives and stories of these people who went on to pursue their own goals and dreams. Some of them had their dreams come true, some did not, but they each have their own story to tell. I am blessed to have each and every person in my life and I feel grateful for those who I can call my truest friends.

Bryan, Wendy, Manu, Sara, those who I know and love. You are not merely friends, you are family. I don’t know what I’d do without you to listen to me bs, to anchor me when my head is in the clouds, to hold me up when I’m at my lowest. Thank you for being there for me when I’ve needed you. Thank you for being my family, when my own family has not.


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