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Chop Chop
31.Aug.07, 13:11 pm
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I went for a haircut today. I had been planning to cut it off for a little while now, since it’d make it easier to get ready for school in the mornings. I wanted it shoulder length, but the girl I went to had other ideas. My layers start about the top of my ears and the longest layer is chin length. It looks hideous. I was so mad I was crying on the way home. Now I’ve got to find someone to fix this shit. This is possibly the worst haircut I’ve ever had.

 On top of this, Josie has a minor infection in both ears and swollen tonsils, and last night we had to rid ourselves of a headlice epidemic in both kids. Note to readers: Listerine and vinegar kill headlice!! Saturate your hair with Listerine, put on a shower cap. Wait 2 hrs. Rinse with plain white vinegar. Shampoo. Twice. Condition. The lice will just fall out. There was not a single bug left in either kids’ hair afterwards. I treated mine too just to prevent it from spreading. The eggs are another problem, but a quick fix: Mayonaise. Not Miracle whip, it doesn’t have the same oils. Plain old Mayo – take 4 to 6 tablespoons (depending on how much hair you have to treat) put in a bowl and microwave for 10 to 2o seconds to take the chill out. Use a rubber spatula and apply directly to the roots of hair as though you’re coloring it, then smoothe down the length of the hair on top of it. Put shower cap back on. Wait 1 hr. Shampoo. Twice. Condition. The lice nits have a tiny hole in the end that allows oxygen to get in. The mayo suffocates the egg, and has an added bonus of making them slippery so they’ll slide out of the hair. You might have a few left in the hair that you’ll have to remove with a tiny comb, but they’ll be dead.

I’m itching just thinking about this crap, and I’ve got to finish washing all of the bedding today. It’s going to be a LONG weekend.


I now christen thee… Chili’s!
30.Aug.07, 11:06 am
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Josie is sick with a bad cough. Unfortunately, with her sensitive little tummy, that is causing her to gag and vomit.

She’d done really well Monday and Tuesday, so Tuesday night we decided to take Dale’s mom and step-dad out to dinner for his step-dad’s birthday. Bob turned 70 Tuesday. We got to the restaurant and everything was fine. We were visiting and sharing chips n salsa, Josie had her lemonade and was sitting by me, snuggling. The food arrived, and she suddenly had a coughing fit. It was so bad, she spewed lemonade ALL OVER the floor and the chairs. I jumped just in the nick of time. It seems like the lemonade was all that was in her stomach. She made it to the bathroom where she threw up again just inside the bathroom door. I felt so bad for her. I gathered her up, got our two meals boxed up and took her right home. She took some more cough syrup and went to bed early.

She’s not getting better now. In fact, she’s getting worse. Her doctor’s office can’t get her in until tomorrow morning. I hope I can find something that will help her. For now she’s snuggled up on the couch in her sleepy bag watching cartoons. I hope she feels better soon.

Make it STOP
29.Aug.07, 10:47 am
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I’ve had a headache for 2 1/2 weeks now. I’ve had a CAT Scan, a laser retinal scan, every eye test imaginable, even a spinal tap. Nobody can figure out why it won’t go away.

 When I went to the ER on Saturday, the doctor gave me 2 shots before my spinal tap. One was benedryl, the other I did not recognize, and they didn’t list it on my discharge instructions. I had the WORST panic attack of my life. It lasted over 18 hours! I kept feeling like if I went to sleep, I was going to stop breathing and not wake up. That’s terrifying. Especially when you have kids.

Bottom line is, nobody can figure out the cause of my headaches. All they can do is keep giving me different meds to “try”. What am I? A guinea pig?????

Will you do my homework?
28.Aug.07, 13:23 pm
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Jaden came in from school today with homework. He walked up to me with his science book and the list of vocab words and said, “Will you do this for me? I don’t know how to look these up.” (Straight-faced too. He had to do the same thing last year.)

I said, “Will you write my 200-word paper on Pluralism?”

“What’s Pluralism?”

“You’ll have your vocab definitions done before you figure it out. Nevermind.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

Early Warning Not Heeded
15.Aug.07, 12:43 pm
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I usually don’t post political statements in my blog, but this one just bowled me over. This is a video clip of an interview with Dick Cheney in 1994, telling why invading Iraq was a bad idea then and giving detailed predictions of what would have happened had we done it. He believed it to be a bad idea then, and yet here we are, and ALL of the predictions he made for the horrible outcome have come true. IF HE WAS AGAINST IT THEN, WHY DID HE STAND WITH BUSH TO INVADE THEM NOW??? THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE GETTING INTO AND KNEW THE CONSEQUENCES. And yet, we’re still stuck in their mess.

He admitted that none of the Arab forces who stood with America during the Kuwait crisis would stand with us for an invasion of Iraq. He admitted that if we went in there and took out Sadaam Hussein that there would be nothing to take the government’s place, it is a very volitile part of the world. He also admitted that with too many of the neighboring nations wanting pieces of Iraq, it would create instability in the sovreignty of the bordering nations. He also admitted that going after Sadaam Hussein was not worth the number of casualties that would result from the invasion. NOTHING HAD CHANGED IN THE 9 YEARS BETWEEN HIS STATEMENT AND THE INVASION OF IRAQ IN 2003. FOUR YEARS LATER, WE’RE SEEING HIS PREDICTIONS COME TRUE. WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN? He’s not a Vice President, he’s Nostradamus with a hunting problem.

Higher Learning
14.Aug.07, 10:51 am
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Today started the school year for Moore Public Schools. Jaden is now in the third grade. Josie doesn’t start Pre-K for another week at La Petite. Jaden has been saying for the past 2 weeks that he hoped he got Mrs. Crosby as his teacher, because she was “the nicest teacher he knows”. Last night I got a call from Mrs. Crosby, and sure enough, he’s in her class. He was bouncing and grinning from ear to ear!

After I dropped him off at school this morning, I faxed USAO a transcript request and went over to MWC with Wendy. After 12 years, I’m going back to college. Rose State College offers a degree in Paralegal Studies. It’s the only accredited college in OKC that offers it, and I enrolled for my first semester today. I’ll be considered on Academic Probation, because of my lovely history at USAO.

I was totally unprepared for college after MP, and royally messed up my GPA. I wanted to enroll, but I never wanted to go to class. I was enjoying life for the first time. I was on my own and freedom was too sweet. And after the “education” I received at MP, I couldn’t sit through a class with an actual teacher without falling asleep. PACEs are not a substitute for an actual teacher, I don’t give a damn what they say.

As luck would have it, with my mother as a professor at Rose, I get my tuition waived. My 12 credit hours will cost me all of $166 in fees, and then books. I was able to look up my books in the online bookstore and then go to a different site and buy them for $43, so they’ll be here before I start classes next week. That’s an entire semester for $200!! This is a real blessing, because with defaulted student loans I was afraid I was going to have to go completely out of pocket and only take 4 to 6 hrs at a time. I can go full time now and still not have to pay too much.

After this semester, I’ll be eligible for “academic renewal”. Basically, I go in and meet with the Dean, and they will scrub my GPA from USAO off my record. The classes will still show up on my transcript, but they won’t apply towards my GPA. The only bad thing about that is that I passed Comp I already, so I’ll have to clep that in order to finish the rest of my classes. Oh well, the clep for Freshman Comp covers both I & II, so I won’t have to worry about taking the second one as well.

Jaden is home from school and happy about his day, but bummed because he has math homework on the first day of school. Oh well, it’s just addition and subtraction. He’ll have that finished in no time. I’m so proud of my boy. He’s so smart, he’ll do great things this year, I know it.